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Dec 31, 2017 | Content Marketing | Sugandh Kumar

Content Transformation is the Future of Marketing

Brands and marketers invest heavily in creating good content as it fuels all marketing initiatives. We can use this content again to support a marketing campaign and/or to create a new campaign with it! This refashioning of the existing content into a form, which is compatible for distribution and consumption on digital platforms, which captures the user’s attention due to its succinctness and fulfills a brand’s goal(s) is called content repurposing or content transformation.
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Oct 24, 2017 | Online Marketing | Graham Jones expert

Active website users want even more from your business

People are increasingly engaging with the Internet. That seems obvious, of course, but we are turning to the Internet for information which we used to get from specialists and experts. No longer are we turning to a consultant for help. Instead, we head straight to Google. Indeed, even in the most personal field of all – our health – more people are now turning to the Internet for advice, rather than to their own physician.
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Google My Business GMB Listing Guide For 2018

Google Places was renamed as Google My Business in June 2014. It is a product of Google that let us create and manage free business listings in Google Maps so that people can see our business when doing a local search. Google My Business well known as GMB.
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Schema Markup Best Practices – Json-LD Vs Microdata

Schema is a standardised mark-up for a webpage content that is well recognized by search engines for helping website improve its online visibility. Its use makes complex data structured and presentable.
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Sep 22, 2017 | Web Analytics | Saurabh Kumar

Migrating Web Analytics Tags to a Tag Manager

Migrating a web analytics tag manager can be as daunting as a new tag implementation on the entire site. On large sites, implementing a tag manager like GTM may impose serious challenges, if not implemented correctly. However, migrating to a tag manager is well worth the ride.
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Old is Gold, with SEO

The SEO team was usually seated next to IT, sometimes in a cubicle all by themselves. No one knew what exactly they did, not even their friends in IT. The SEO team would be overheard talking about Serps and crawling, ranks and metas, headers and footers, links and trackbacks. It was rumoured that they ensured high ranks high on Google by making regular ritualistic tributes at Google’s altar. Marketing folks would wonder whether to ignore them or report them to the authorities.
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Future Trends in SEO (2017)

Envigo recently conducted its first survey on Future Trends of SEO where we asked SEO professionals, digital marketers, marketing professionals, and organizations to answer 11 questions about the future trends in SEO. The questions ranged from the objectives of an SEO project and the impact of new trends on SEO, to factors of SEO that are expected to change over time. The goal of this survey was to help us gain a better understanding of the changes and new trends in the local search marketing industry, and what the outlook is for SEO in 2017 and beyond.
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Mar 24, 2017 | Online Marketing | Graham Jones expert

How to target your customers based on the phone they choose

Your phone says a lot about you; perhaps more than you might realise. A new study of mobile phone users has clearly demonstrated that there is a link between personality and the choice of phone.
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Mar 20, 2017 | Online Marketing | Alok Singh

Google AdWords Campaign Setting and Optimization in 19 Steps

Setting up a campaign & going live on Google is easy but it requires a very detailed and precise strategy to set up an effective campaign so that we reach the targeted audience on the GO The important things to note when setting up a campaign are below:
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How to Market Your Brand on Instagram

Instagram’s trajectory since its inception has been exponential. Started in October 2010, by just December of the same year the app had a million registered users. While the photo sharing app was launched solely as an iOS app, it made the jump to Android after 2 years. The number of users by this time had hit 40 million. But how does Instagram’s growth affect brands and their marketing?
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