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Jul 19, 2018 | Web Analytics | Saurabh Kumar

Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics

Google Analytics shows two types of data in its reports. These types of data are called dimensions and metrics. A dimension is a trait of the visitors on the website. Such traits include age, city, gender, keyword, source, browser, operating system, and devise category. A metric is a number which measures the characteristics of a dimension. If you take, source, the characteristics would be the number of sessions, new users, bounce rate, new sessions, etc. These are the metrics which you would find a Google Analytics report.
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Virtual Offices Optimisation for Local SEO and GMB

Google My Business (GMB) is a free and simplified dashboard that helps business owners manage and update business listings across Google. The listings include relevant data such as business’ name, address, phone number, and website. It was in February 2017 when Google updated its Google My Business (GMB) Guidelines for Service-Area & Virtual Offices. It was a whip on virtual businesses as they were plucked off. Furthermore, it devastated many online local businesses that did not have real staffed offices.
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Jun 12, 2018 | Online Marketing | Saurabh Kumar

How should you respond to Google My Business Reviews

A recent study has found that 90% of the consumers believe that online reviews have had a tremendous impact on their buying decisions. With such an impressive statistic, it is clear that creating reviews is a must have for companies, especially when it comes to boosting their business growth and online expansion.
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Google has recently announced that starting July this year, Chrome will be marking HTTP sites as not secure

Google has recently announced that starting July this year, Chrome will be marking HTTP sites as not secure. This move will make them be in line with Firefox which implemented the same in 2017. This also means that 71% of all the web users using any browser will be greeted with a warning message as they try to access any HTTP site.
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May 28, 2018 | Online Marketing | Saurabh Kumar

How can SEO leverage Quora Power?

If there is an online social network with over 100 million users asking questions that they know will be answered back, do you think it’d be a good source to generate website traffic?
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5 Benefits of Twitter’s Character Changes for your Brands

Twitter has made a big move by announcing its new 280 characters’ limit on tweets. The limit not only affects quoted posts and polls, but normal posts as well. This has opened up a new horizon for social media marketing for brands, but at the same time it has received its fair share of criticism.
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How to Optimise your website for Voice Search

The way people search information online is changing gradually. People are using voice search on their tablets, laptops, smartphones or voice assistants to look up information of the internet. For instance, Siri is the best when it comes to Apple devices, and Google voice search is popular for Android devices.
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SEO is POWER: Online and Offline Sales

There comes a times when after working on search engine optimisation (seo) for months, you wonder whether you should continue with it even after achieving good rankings for the desired keywords and good rankings.
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Multilingual or Multiregional: Do Not Mix with International Targeting

A website intended for multiple countries and/or languages can pose significant challenges. It can create a ripple effect in the sense that a mistake in the original site will be replicated in all the duplicate sites. Therefore, it is recommended that the original site is thoroughly tested and so is the infrastructure that will be used to handle those sites. Moreover, multilingual or multiregional sites are completely different and should not be confused with international targeting.
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Optimising Your Content for Featured Snippets

I am sure everyone of us, while searching on the Google must have noticed sometimes a descriptive box answering your query at the top of all the search results. This highlighted content appearing as the top google search result is a featured snippet. This always appears above the organic search results and just below the sponsored/ paid results in SERPs. This article unfolds the featured snippets mysteries for SEO nerds who are striving hard to generate organic traffic and busy with their rigorous strategies to build it with this showcase content.
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