Planning & Management

Cross-channel campaign management is very complex, but our Omni-channel media solution makes integrating & coordinating digital marketing strategies easy.

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A comprehension of client behavior is closely associated with the execution of strategies gained from the integrated data. Therefore, we minutely assess the data to come out with the best strategies for each company through Omni-channel media solution. After a brief experiment of careful coordination, we deliver the result on making a successful approach towards the varied channels.

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  • Slow & Steady wins the race

    Create a roadmap and have a well-modeled plan to increase the marketing velocity and the overall effectiveness of campaigns.

  • Building flexibility into the timeline

    Create an annual marketing plan with different programs and products that can be shifted as reorganized as needed.

  • Maintain consistent Brand Experience

    Digital asset management combined with content management optimizes the process and ensures consistency in choosing the right channel & platform.

  • Say the right thing to the right customer

    Content tailored to each customer’s data attributes is key, but personalization also involves timing interactions to fit the customers' needs and expectations.

  • Optimize for spend and Customer Experience

    Identifying the value of each interaction accounts to the measure of the effectiveness of the campaign management strategy.

  • Single & Accessible view of customers

    Manage digital assets and strategies through an organized and planned medium. If it’s clear, cohesive, and unified, then the efforts will grow in no time at all.

Karuna Kapoor

Karuna Kapoor

Head of Product


Envigo has been engaging with us at eFinancialCareers for the better part of 2013 in various parallel streams – SEO consultancy, global location resolution and search support through skills' synonyms. In each of these, we've found Envigo's contribution to be irreplaceable – both in terms of functional expertise and service levels. Envigo truly collaborates with eFinancialCareers as a partner, and not a vendor, on business critical tasks.

Why is it important?

Envigo has formulated a successful methodology for creating and optimizing paid search advertising campaigns. It is an ongoing as well as a recurring process that engages persistent experimentation paving way for improved results. The given approach is perfect for companies who want to sustain profitable growth.

How do we do it?

PPC advertising campaigns are done through standard planning, execution, and organized management. Envigo actively helps in providing all the three necessary steps. We can help you plan, execute, and manage your PPC advertising campaigns.

  • Analysis

    It is our responsibility to analyze the running status of your paid traffic online. After the complete analysis, we track down the opportunities and fill up the gaps between you and your audience.

  • Documentation

    Not only do we analyze the current status of your traffic search, but we also go through your competitors’ strategy and guide you in investing your money smartly. Your outcomes are regularly measured and the campaigns are monitored by making the best use of your budget.

  • Transparency

    The main objectives of Envigo are focused at comprehension of your company, understanding of your customers as well as the competition, and then building strong keywords lists along with a powerful campaign outline.

What do you get?

  • Lead Generation
  • Ecommerce Sales
  • App Installations
  • Business Call Generation
  • Increase Revenue

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With a team of dedicated professionals, our premier aim is to work flexibly and meticulously. We adhere to the principle of constant learning and unlearning to aid our brands to generate a better digital experience for consumers.


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