Mobile as a medium is the most prominent medium for the past several years. It will continue to grow rapidly. All businesses rely heavily on mobile and the technology around it.

Mobile apps for businesses

Our mobile team understands the complexity and intricacy of bringing concepts to life. We develop our apps keeping in mind the intended audience, their interactions with the mobile devices, and expectations from a great mobile app.

  • Native applications

    We have assembled a team of professionals who are well-versed in both iOS and Android development. Native apps are able to take full advantage of the performance of the underlying Operating System.

  • Hybrid Applications

    Applications where it makes sense to have a lighter app with fewer OS features, we can develop hybrid apps. With a combination of HTML5 and advanced frameworks like PhoneGap, we are able to quickly deliver applications which work on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

  • Offline Applications

    Offline applications are often required where the customer or user may not have a permanent internet connectivity. We have the competence to develop applications which can work when there is no internet connection and refresh data whenever a connection is available.

  • Languages

    Apart from the languages used in Mobile application development like Objective C, Swift, and Java, we are able to create an application interface with backend services using PHP, .NET, and NodeJs.

  • Analytics

    Like with any other interface, to constantly improve you need data and analytics. We are able to integrate mobile applications with third-party analytics services such as MixPanel and Google Analytics.

How do we do it?

We use Agile in all of our development projects, which means we are receptive of changes in requirements.

We understand the strengths of all current mobile operating systems. We can help you get the best out of mobile technology.

  • Business Analysis

    After thoroughly understanding the vision of our clients and gathering market insights, we propose the best mobile solution. A comprehensive document is created outlining work-flows, designs, use cases, and processes.

  • Quality Assurance

    In order to deliver a bug-free and smooth experience for your users, apps and their versions go through quality checks on various devices and operating systems. Accessibility and design are tested across multiple screen resolutions and under different test scenarios. Only once the apps are QA approved are they delivered to the client.

  • Maintenance

    We understand that your website and your apps are your brand identity, and it is critical to maintaining them. Therefore, you can trust us to always keep your site and app running bug-free with a continuous system of version upgrades.

Get to know your team

We are a team of dedicated professionals. We approach our work with a curious mindset. We constantly learn and unlearn to help you create a better digital experience for your customers.


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