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Technical SEO is the backbone and the foundation on which the success of all your online marketing efforts depends. With the evolution of Search Engines, we can’t really emphasize enough on the need of having a technically suitable website.

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Tech SEO is a digital marketing discipline that works on a crawl, index, and render model. A role by itself encapsulates rich SEO toolsets to deal with website complexity where being interactive is a top-up. We do this by doing extensive SEO audit to understand your website and your needs and help you technically gear your website.

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  • Page speed

    Website speed is one of the top ten SEO ranking factors. Faster page load means better User experience and hence, better SEO rankings.

  • Mobile Friendliness

    Mobile friendliness is as important as Page Speed. Google updated its algorithm for mobile in 2015, being mobile friendly became a key factor ever since.

  • Structured Data

    Search engines understand about webpage through on-page optimization, but structured data can elevate search result with Rich-Snippets.

  • Site Structure

    Structure of your site should be defined in a proper hierarchy. If your web visitor is able to find their way through the site, so will the crawler.

  • Duplication

    Content duplication, whether by the actual content or by URL, is a very serious issue. Google marks its spammy and penalizes websites.

  • Server side optimization

    Bad redirects or improper server headers adversely impact your SEO. Each header response has a different work and different meaning for crawlers.

Why is it so important?

Consider you have published a really good and meaningful article for your users, but since it is not crawlable by Search Engines, it is left for the users to discover that article. A good technically suitable website, on the other hand, would not have to worry about getting the users to the article, Search Engines would do that for you. Now think, if it was not just an article but a really good product page on your website, you will have to invest a lot in promoting that page without the Seach Engines' help. It is thus very important, not only to form a solid base for your website but also to mitigate the risks of penalties imposed by search engines.

How do we do it?

We have helped companies across continents, with multi-lingual setup and in multiple industries such as travel, finance, education, eCommerce, and more.

We have successfully optimized even the most complex websites and delivered big results in a very quick time.

  • Analysis

    Our technical audit encompasses all the issues pertaining to crawling, indexing, and usability of your website. The most important aspects are dealt with first.

  • Documentation

    We will provide reports which fully documents the issues, the root cause of the issue, and how to resolve them completely for your website.

  • Transparency

    Technical experts here are fully transparent in resolving website issues and share knowledge to help you overcome such issues in the future.

What do you get?

Our technical audits are the heart of all our activities on Technical SEO front. Which is why we have included diagnosis of all possible issues which can hinder your website’s performance.

  • Crawl & Index Analysis
  • Technical Duplication
  • Domain Attributes Analysis
  • Backlinks Audit
  • Structured Data & Schema
  • Page Attributes Analysis
  • Sitemaps and robots.txt Audit
  • Site Structure Audit
  • HTML Correctness
  • PageSpeed Analysis
  • URL Structure Audit
  • Social Integration Audit
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Header Responses
  • Site Architecture Analysis

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Get a technical assessment of your website, absolutely free!

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