Email Design

Email designs need one good shot to brief them down. Why not try as many tricks as possible to make it worth?

It’s all about the content

It is a matter of few seconds that makes all the difference! We engage our best with the reader in those few seconds by keeping the email content crisp and precise. This makes a huge impact on the readers.

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  • Content

    Comprehensive and precise message in a hierarchical order so that the most important message appears on top. It becomes easier for you to address the urgency of emails based on this hierarchy.

  • Templates

    Creating powerful templates to compliment the layout of the content.

  • Layouts

    The layout sections are crisp and attractive. The sections are properly defined, and the use of brand assets together makes the emails organized and activates quick reading.

  • Fonts

    The choice of fonts should be legible on the emails and match the message to better the charm of the content.

  • Call to Action

    List out the definitive and obvious CTAs which are related to the purpose.

How do we do it?

We break down the large series of emails into particular categories and help you stack the most important ones at the top and the least important ones at the bottom. Do not worry about the length of the emails since we reduce the length to the most simplified form. Whenever there is an urgency in your mail, we help you connect to a page on your website for the benefits of your subscribers.

  • Analysis

    It is our responsibility to assure the reader that he/she knows the mail is coming from your source/ the source he/she is aware of. Your logo is displayed at the heading of the email.

  • Documentation

  • Transparency

    We do not keep you hanging on to irrelevant puzzles or cryptic sender identities. At Envigo, the designs of emails do not confuse the readers. Our designs are created to convey the exact information to your readers and inform them what they are going to get out of it. This way, the propositions are not scrolled away.

What do you get?

We realize the worth of a creative Email Design for our clients. With our innovative ideas, we deliver customized email designs for a less sophisticated view.

  • Save time
  • Stay consistent
  • Deliver personalized experiences

Let's Work Together

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