Marketing Automation

The methodical solution applied for targeting the prospects who failed to convert or lapsed and re-engage them in the conversion cycle.

Re-engage to engage your left out conversions

What do you do with those 800 leads out of 1000, on your website, that does not get converted? It is through Marketing Automation that you work up to those leftover leads, re-engage with them, and convert them.

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  • Lead Generation

    Records lead either from your website or the landing pages or from the CRM that’s already there.

  • Lead Segmentation

    The choice of interest, preferences, and actions done on the site make for the Segment lead.

  • Lead Nurturing & Scoring

    Improve your leads for successful sales and rank high, based on behaviour or event.

  • Relationship Marketing

    A long-term engagement is sure to benefit you more. In return, reward the leads for their loyalty.

  • Cross-sell & up-sell

    Present them a personalized content based on their purchasing methods.

  • Retain & Grow your customers

    Leveling up your brand loyalty matters more than the sale at a given time.

Why is it Important?

Most of the time, the leads do not get converted. You are often left clueless about it. At Envigo, Marketing automation helps you re-engage with the leftover leads for an improved conversion.

How do we do it?

Because marketing automation works in sync with the demands of your firm, make sure to choose the right software.

Our strategy guides you in choosing the right software based on an increase in sales and opportunity, lead generation, and revenue creation. An integration with your CRM is a necessary function your software must perform.

  • Analysis

    A registration process is carried out to assemble information about the users. The customers’ profiles are tallied with your target audience list to get qualified leads that can be added to your mailing list. The demographic features of the target audience depend on age, occupation, purchase behavior, etc.

  • Documentation

    Categorization and scoring of your leads are done for priority based on the behavior and attributes of the users. After that, a content calendar is created to check the regularization of your emails according to schedule.

  • Transparency

    The well-prepared content calendar is created to check the email workflow of the next chain of actions to be taken for each category of leads. Evaluating the software periodically to ensure that it's running smoothly and effectively.

What do you get?

  • Controlling the flow of visitors to your website
  • Streamlining customer support
  • Gathering Analytics on a single dashboard
  • Segmenting your email database to send out custom-made content
  • Maximization of ROI

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