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Envigo’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) team comprises of search engine veterans who have been at it since 2003. It all began with SEO and we consider it a compulsory read.

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A profound SEO strategy foundation is laid on our technical optimization, content optimization, and authority building with the core objective to improve the site’s performance.

Our SEO-expert approach is to create a detailed plan based on a thorough, site and market review. We understand that if tech changes were easy, you would have done it yourself. So, we push hard to get the highest impact on SEO, with minimal changes. Organic search remains a moving target, and being a professional SEO agency, we work iteratively to create a well-prioritized SEO improvement roadmap.

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  • Technical SEO

    Tech SEO is a digital marketing discipline that works on a crawl, index, and render model. A role by itself encapsulates rich SEO toolsets to deal with website complexity where being interactive is a top-up. We do this by doing extensive SEO audit to understand your website and your needs and help you technically gear your website.

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  • Mobile Search

    Mobile-first or post-mobile? That is the question really. Search Engine Optimisation for mobile is quite important. The size of the mobile screen and Google unified search results make it challenging but interesting. Mobile search optimization includes lighter HTML pages (AMP pages), mobile responsive site, fast page loading, localized search results, higher visitor retention rates, and reduced bounce rates. Online search Mobile SEO journey is never ending, ever evolving from web to mobile search and seeing a paradigm shift to voice search.

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  • Local Search

    Winning at local search and global SEO agency requires very different game-plans. The key is to execute them well to success. Sounds straightforward? With mobile first index as Google’s first choice, local search optimization is acting as a catalyst for businesses online growth. Local packs of 3, schemas generated rich snippets for reviews and ratings, AMP carousel, featured snippets are focused upon.

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