Content strategy

The complete blueprint out of which the final creative content is brought into a presentation on the digital platform.

The vision behind the content creation- unlock your website’s potential

Content strategy refers to the outline that the client provides as per which the unique content is created. It includes all the minute details of the whole procedure: how the content will be created, what are its objectives, how it will be marketed, etc. We ensure that all aspects are taken care of before we move forward.

  • Vision

    It is necessary to have a specific aim behind the content creation. Market, target audience, and the results expected should be the main objectives.

  • Target audience

    Define the audience, for which the content is created.

  • Content audit

    An in-depth and thorough analysis of the content that has been created.

  • Setting goals

    Formulate meaningful, measurable, and time-bound goals that you can accomplish.

Why is it so important?

We emphasize on marketing because without it creation and development are of no value, more or less. A good content fails to impress anyone if it is not released in the market.
Therefore the content has to be marketed with ample efforts before the target customer.

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Fit 2 Trip has been working with Envigo since 2016, where they have proved invaluable in providing support and strategic guidance in all things SEO for the business. Fit 2 Trip is a multi-lingual business and the team at Envigo have been more than up to the task of both developing and enhancing our multi-lingual SEO strategy.

How do we do it?

Through our efficient marketing channels and innovative promotions, we enable your content to reach the target audience as per your requirements. Along with this, we monitor the effect it has on your business. Assessing the traffic, impact on sales, search engine ranking, we make sure that the result of our efforts creates a positive impact on your business.

  • Analysis

  • Documentation

  • Testing

  • Deployment and Reporting

What you get?

Our strategy helps you generate more than thrice the general outbound marketing costs and reduce your costs expenditure as well. Apart from that, we deliver you the most authentic and unique content based on your ideology.

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