What To Do After Content Creation: 3 Post-Production Tips

  • Sep 29, 2022

  • by Santosh Singh

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What To Do After Content Creation: 3 Post-Production Tips

Every business with a digital presence relies on content creation to foster growth. Content holds special importance for brands especially in the education industry, print media, publication, retail and banking sectors. While a masterfully crafted content strategy lays a strong foundation, it is essential to understand what to do with your content, and eventually how your content is faring after it has been published on various channels.

An experienced digital marketing agency for content strategy understands that a content cycle includes post-production analytics. But where to start? What to analyse? How to work on distribution and reception of your content? I lay down the D.A.K. rule, a three-step process to make your content strategy wholesome and watertight.


Every digital channel has a different expectation from your content. Website blogs, social media posts, 3rd party posts have different format requirements, word/character limitations, structural regulations that your content must adhere to. Each of these channels have their own audience base. LinkedIn is for professional communication, so your content format would keep that in mind. Twitter offers lesser characters, so your story needs to be short and crisp. So on and so forth. Hence it is necessary that your content is customised according to the distribution channel.


Understanding how your content is faring is essential as it can set the course for your future strategy. However, content evaluation across different platforms must go beyond just figures. ‘Likes’, ‘shares’, ‘reposts’, can give you an idea about the engagement your content is receiving on a particular platform, but you must also analyse why a particular piece is doing better than others on a specific platform.

Evaluate cross-channel performance to understand why a particular piece of content did well on one platform and not on the other. Take note of all the parameters that may or may not have an impact on your content. Factors such as target group, different formats, exposure, etc could play a big role in connecting with relevant audiences.

A digital marketing agency for SEO services provides analytics and boost reach. Brands aiming to improve website ranking can benefit immensely from the expertise possessed by an ROI-first organisation.

Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators or KPIs are measurable values that indicate how well you are achieving your business objectives. When you create content for your business it’s important to know what you wish to achieve through it. A brand could be creating content for organic web traffic, leads, improved ranking, engagement, inbound links, revenue generation, and more. Having clear goals for content creation makes it easier to evaluate your overall brand performance.

Setting down clear goal metrics is part of having a strong content strategy. An ROI-first digital marketing agency understands the right metrics against which a particular piece of content must be evaluated and provides assistance regarding the same. A certain content piece may be good for audience engagement but neutral for sales, and not having the technical knowledge to segregate between the two could cause your business strategy to lay flat on its back.

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