EdTech Giant Doubles Organic Traffic & Increases Revenue By 85% Through Two-Phase SEO Optimisation

  • Sep 15, 2022

  • by Santosh Singh

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EdTech Giant Doubles Organic Traffic & Increases Revenue By 85% Through Two-Phase SEO Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), to put it simply, increases your website’s visibility. Having a higher search ranking is important for your brand because it helps you reach your target audience and allows them to engage with your content. This is especially important for EdTech companies that rely on content as their only source of revenue.

However, EdTechs might struggle to generate SEO content that can help them evade market competition and direct traffic to their website. To steer ahead in a competitive field as EdTech, companies need to invest in an expert SEO strategy that takes into account their specific problem areas.

A similar struggle was experienced by a leading Indian EdTech company that was finding it hard to generate organic traffic on its website. When they approached us with their concerns, we offered an SEO strategy for their main website.

SEO Optimisation: Phase I

After a detailed audit of our client’s website, we located its multiple versions on the web that caused search engines to rank duplicate content. Their website’s page speed was especially low and was not fully rendered on Google cache, making it hard for search engines to rank their content.

In the first phase of our SEO strategy we focused on a revenue-based, goal-centric approach to optimise their website. We suggested creating content around different academic goals such as NEET, JEE, UPSC, SSC, etc. that our client was catering to. We improved keyword density, added SEO content, and maintained keyword ranking to ensure that their content ranked better during searches.

We also charted a week-wise plan focused on the other aspects of website optimisation through SEO.

Week 1: We worked on resolving the empty cache issue to help the site rank better on search engines.

Week 2: We worked on improving the page speed through resource optimisation, load sequencing etc. We simultaneously implemented canonical tags during this week to resolve the duplicate versioning issue.

Week 3: We created dynamic meta tags to ensure future scalability.

After three months of this rigorous SEO optimisation, our client’s website gained traction and started ranking higher on organic searches. Next step was to surpass the competitors.

SEO Optimisation: Phase II

In the second phase of our SEO strategy, we conducted a thorough competitor analysis to see where our client ranked. This revealed  that organic traffic on our client’s website was the lowest among its competitors. Besides that, our client’s competitors also had dedicated pages for each academic goal that our client was lacking.

To fill this gap, we created dedicated wordpress pages on the high-achieving goals serviced by our client and added new and specialised content on these pages. About 40,000 such pages were created and pointed to the main website. These opened as pop-ups on the specific academic goals, and increased search keywords enabling more traffic.

Since our target was to attain a higher domain and page authority for sustained growth, we also created dynamic XML and HTML sitemaps for image, video and text. Finally, to make the website suitable for mobile access, mobile indexing and accelerated mobile pages (AMP) was implemented.

The whole practice was undertaken to revise the overall SEO hygiene of our client’s website and secure it for all aspects for sustained results.

Result & Reflection

With our highly customised SEO strategy, our client achieved 40,000 live pages, 2 times increase in traffic, and 85% increase in revenue within a span of three months.

Taking the two phase approach - first where we tried to focus on the shortcomings of our client’s website and second where we optimised their pages to supersede their competitors - really paid off. Being an ROI-first digital marketing agency with over a decade of experience in the field, we provided a wholesome SEO and content strategy to our client.

Based on these results, the client renewed the contract for the second year. We aim to continue scaling their growth, and making them the leaders of this highly competitive industry.

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