Website Migration

We offer website migration services to preserve organic traffic on the old website onto the new website. There are several things to be considered before, during, and immediately after a changeover to a new website, even if the new website is more ‘SEO-friendly’.

Manage your site upgrades safely

Site upgrades are essential for business improvements, but they might have SEO-related ramifications (loss of ranks, drop in traffic). Changes in front-end HTML (code, layout, design and load time), content, URL or site structure may impact organic traffic. A well-planned SEO migration strategy can minimise business losses due to traffic and rank fluctuations.

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  • Platform improvements

    New backend technology (Ecommerce applications, CMS, technology upgrades) which might impact URL structure, site navigation, speed and caching.

  • Website redesign

    Page redesign, and new user experience features which may affect content length, style, readability and freshness on the page.

  • Rebranding

    Brand name or colour scheme changes, marketing campaigns.

  • Front-end upgrades

    Significant code changes for site revamp to improve user journey, and site navigational structure, move to front-end technologies like Angularand REACT.

Why is it so important?

To transfer SEO value - At the Site level and URL/page level

  • Preserve rank and traffic
  • Site structure & internal links
  • Site speed

Preserve Inbound external links - all old backlinks are 301 redirected, no 404 links exist

Improve User Experience

  • conversion
  • engagement

Other checkpoints: google analytics, keyword density check, content length, content interlinking

How we do it?

  • Analysis

    Our website migration checklist ensures that a step-by-step procedure is followed for keyword & page level analysis. Understanding current website and various systems behind it, figuring out goals of current migration, and capturing SEO equity and its distribution. SEO practices are aligned with customer experience. SEO mitigation tasks can also be prioritised using a cost-benefit analysis. In this case, the benefit is prevention of SEO loss and the cost is the effort required for such activities.

  • Data capture

    This includes analysis of URL level traffic and page rank, URL structure, redirects, technical bugs, content structure, linking structure, keyword performance.

  • Documentation

    Performance review, traffic & rank reports would be provided for pre-launch migration & post-launch migration status. Page indexing/crawling, site speed monitoring would be carried out regularly.

  • Execution

    Website migration execution includes site backup, content export, site redirection setup and analytics tracking and site testing, keeping the website migration downtime to a minimum.

What do you get?

We can manage the entire SEO migration for a website without a hitch. Using pre-agreed performance metrics presented before and after migration will testify that the site migration process has taken place successfully.

  • Cost-benefit of the various risk reduction steps
  • Project plan
  • Execution and monitoring of SEO migration
  • Reporting dashboard to track key business metrics during migration
  • Constant monitoring, corrective action support

Get started with your complimentary SEO Website Migration Check

Get a comprehensive assessment of your site!

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