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Paid social is the ultimate platform for a precise target to reach its objectives based on a researched persona.

It’s the need of the FEED

Paid social ads offer the brands an increased control over audience targeting along with a remarkable presence across a number of social channel feeds.

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  • Strategy

    Along with the promotion of awareness and generation of the latest probabilities, paid social media allows the extension of outreach and exposure of a brand.

  • Offline to Online Mapping

    We incorporate the CRM data with the tracking pixel to determine the Omni-channel attribution of the campaigns.

  • Targeting

    Categorizing the brand persona on levels of either interest or behavior so as to target the user base. After this, we create a passage to target the spot for maximum returns.

  • Cut through with a creative mix

    Move a step ahead of the competitors’ success. We support our methods with A-B trials to reach the target audience at the correct time with the correct message that helps your brand retain its top spot.

  • Set goals, manage expectation

    We have predetermined precise KPIs and drive measurable KIAs to ensure that we reach the goals on time.

  • Accountability

    We track social outcomes beyond social engagement and continuously optimizing for an ROI which speaks for itself.

How do we do it?

At Envigo, we manage the A-Z of your social media campaign from setup tracking to creating new content. Your target audience can now see your ads on social media and thus increase brand and product awareness simultaneously. We funnel the surplus traffic to your website and drive your micro-conversion rates higher.

  • Strategy

    We get to the detail of your Campaign objectives to help you chose the best campaign for the digital market. Get to know your goal before you work with our strategy. Your social media platform goals should be clearly based on the advertising strategy. We help you get hold of the particular social media platforms for your ad campaigns.

  • Process

    We access the level ground of the targeted social audience. And then adhere to the coherency of the organic content.

  • Result

    The ultimate result is the optimization of social biding plans. We provide frequent updates on your campaigns and then documentation of those tests.

What do you get?

At Envigo, we help our valuable clients expand their business with increased and relevant traffic on their websites. From a basic assessment to final results, we do it all.

  • Assessment of audience response and engagement
  • Avail the most ROI from your social
  • Get a clickable call-to-action (CTA)
  • Social ads allow you to hone in on the people most likely to invest in your product
  • Target specific audiences
  • Enhanced cross-channel effects

Get to know your team

With a team of dedicated professionals, our premier aim is to work flexibly and meticulously. We adhere to the principle of constant learning and unlearning to aid our brands to generate a better digital experience for consumers.


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