Analytics & Decision Support

Define success and measure your website’s performance through Envigo’s web analytics consultancy.

Unlock your website’s potential

Our priority lies in capturing web events that accelerate your business goals. Envigo’s web analytics team provides accurate and reliable suggestions to the decision makers. Also, we advise on the usage of the latest digital marketing tools.

Free Analytics Audit

  • Google Analytics

    Receive a detailed analysis as well as find cross-references of the web analytics configuration through Google Analytics. Rest assured of the smooth functioning of the web-tracking and review the integration between Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, AdWords, and other such systems.

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  • Tag Management

    Google Tag Manager helps in transferring your existing marketing tags into a GTM container. Eliminate the hassle of deploying and managing numerous JavaScript tags with the tag management.

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  • Google 360 Suite

    With advanced data analytics, measure your optimization efforts and invest in your business marketing strategies. Decode your audiences’ engagement habits with you to have a complete or “360 degrees” view of your operations and customers.

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