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Email marketing is a dynamic medium which can easily be targeted, actively generated, automated, and assessed. And Envigo is dedicated to delivering you satisfaction.

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Envigo is focused on broadening that communication strategy which revolves around your targets and objectives, thus aiding you to meet the most effective results. It is our belief that email marketing acts as an umbrella to hold all other digital marketing strategies together.

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  • Marketing Automation

    Marketing automation is based on a thorough assessment of data and complete knowledge of the backend process. Envigo devises strategies to understand the customer’s lifetime value and then segment the database according to strategized programs.

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  • Email Marketing

    The digital marketing world is defined by clients. To resonate with them, Envigo makes sure that your company is forwarding the correct and relevant messages to them. Because email marketing is not just limited to the conversation in your inbox.

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  • Email Design

    A proper email design will attract customers to your brand. It is our endeavor to create responsive designs for your email templates so that the content reaching your target audience is creative and authentic.

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