Tag Management

Deploy Google and 3rd party tags quicker to measure business KPIs through Google Tag Manager services.

Get rid of complex codes through Google Tag Manager services

Envigo’s expert team offers across the board Google Tag Manager services, be it a new account setup or migration from existing web analytics to the GTM platform. We, as an early adopter of Tag Manager, successfully migrated many client websites having multiple domains/subdomains from analytics to GTM which lets them deploy tracking tags quicker. Our customized approach for complex situations will be used to ensure accurate tracking of goals and KPIs against business objectives.

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  • Google Tag Manager installation

    Measure your website performance through updated analytics features by installing GTM.

  • Migration from GA to GTM

    Migrate from old version GA legacy code to GTM and deploy tracking tags much faster.

  • 3rd party codes deployment

    Deploy custom HTML codes, remarketing tags, AdWords tags, Facebook tags, and affiliate codes through GTM where no inline coding is required.

  • Advanced Tracking

    Get the implementation of enhanced e-commerce, cross-domain, error tracking, scroll tracking, user behavior against multiple devices, custom events, and file downloads.

Why do you need GTM implementation?

Stumbling upon the success gaps, through a detailed understanding of business objectives and 24/7 consultation support make us more reliable in successfully implementing analytics solutions.

  • Minimizing dependence on IT

    Google Tag Manager allows tracking tags addition/deletion and modification through its interface only rather than using a legacy code on all individual pages.

  • Version maintenance

    Whenever we modify the tags and deploy them on a production environment, GTM solution creates a new updated version. It provides flexibility to roll back to the previous live version in case your tags are not working, as expected.

  • Debugging

    Built-in debug feature lets you test tags even in the staging environment to ensure that they would work well on the live website, thus not including junk/test data in your current active analytics account.

  • Better Site speed

    Eliminating hard codes from the website improves website loading and rendering speed. Moreover, tag management supports asynchronous page load, which is a big benefit for your page speed.

How do we do it?

We carefully audit your existing implementation and create migration/setup plan based accordingly. The audit ensures complete continuity of your data capture onto a data layer. The data layer is then moved onto the GTM driven implementation.

  • Tracking requirements analysis
  • Current tracking audit of a live website
  • Documentation of tags which need to be pushed live
  • Staging GTM account setup
  • Creating, testing, and publishing tags inside GTM staging
  • Publishing GTM tags on live websites and removal of old existing codes

Get started with your free Analytics Audit

Get an assessment of your analytics account, absolutely free!

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