Pay-per-click Marketing

With the ever-evolving technology, your customer's choice of platforms and understanding their intent, managing PPC accounts effectively is not an easy job. With the help of technology and the right team, we are fully capable of helping you excel in all your paid marketing efforts.

Acquire customers through strategic paid investments

PPC's landscape is huge. Based on the kind of business and where your customers are, we suggest Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing Ads, Yahoo, Amazon, Yandex, Baidu, and Twitter for maximizing your brand's reach.

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  • Planning & Management

    Machine Learning algorithms are here to tackle the problem of optimal ad buying; Remarketing, Audience targeting, attribution models, everything has changed in the past few years. Learn how we help you achieve the desired results.

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  • Display Campaigns

    Gone are the days when Display campaigns were merely used for branding. The programmatic display allows you to target and engage with your customers based on what stage are they in the purchase journey. Learn how we deliver display campaigns with targeted sites and placements.

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  • Remarketing

    Potential customers do not usually vouch for the ads they come across, in their first website visit. The visitors make their own researches about the products or might search for other before making a final pick. With Envigo’s Remarketing advertising, your customers today are shopping on-the-go.

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