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Prarthana Varma

Jan 30, 2015 / In Social Media Marketing

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Tips for Trending on Twitter

Let's put it this way, "Not everything posted on twitter starts trending." Marketers analyse lots of data to derive insights on what becomes contagious on twitter. Some tweets can be inherently contagious. But twitter as a messenger has some limitations in terms of just 140 characters to communicate your message.

Humanising your brand through twitter hashtags:

Many tools are available on the interest which can help you analyse various hashtags. Posting a tweet along with a trending hashtag which your brand can relate to is a good tactic to follow the trend.

Best dates and times to tweet: Twitter analytics is a powerful tool to get a sneak peak into how word of mouth spreads on twitter. You can export your engagement data from twitter analytics into excel. And then by sorting this data, find out the dates and times of tweets which got the most impressions.

Your most popular tweets: Similarly from the exported data, you can find out the tweets which got maximum engagement.

User Interests: Find out the most unique interests and top interests of your followers from twitter analytics. User interests is a good guideline for content ideas as well.

Demography of your audience: Learn about the interests, gender and geographic information of your followers. So, if you see that only 20% of your followers are females, you can design your next twitter campaign targeting females to increase your female fans.

Twitter cards: Twitter cards help you add a media-rich experience to tweets that brings traffic to your website. Twitter card analytics allows you to have a better view about how your content is performing on twitter which further reveals how to improve your key metrics.

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