The inner and outer workings of a digital agency

A marketing enthusiast with an interest in tinkering with data and systems. 4+ years at ebookers followed by 8 years and counting at Envigo.

A new online marketing agency is born

​envigo started its journey as a company today. We are now registered in the UK as a company and will now be setting up operations. In the first few years, we plan to have a delivery centre only in one or two locations in India. This is going to help us deliver at competitive price points. Thanks to our previous employers, we have done exactly this – have an offshore delivery centre in India to manage and deliver multimillion online marketing spends out of India. We, in our previous roles as employees working with a large budget and delivering high volumes with low margins to play with, have delivered a substantial chunk of business and managed 100% of it from India. We will do the same for our clients. The UK office will help us reach out to local clients and will function as a business development and client acquisition centre for us.

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