Top Digital Marketing Questions a Marketer Would Ask

  • Aug 31, 2018

  • by Saurabh Kumar

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Top Digital Marketing Questions a Marketer Would Ask

Digital Marketing incorporates every marketing endeavour that operates either through an electronic device or internet. Marketing operations take place largely on digital channels like search engines, search websites, social networks, emails, and mobile applications to tie up with the latest trends and potential customers. In the present times, digital marketing companies are investing widely in this idea and outreaching the clients for profits. Since all digital marketers promise the same, you need to do a thorough assessment of what the client wants. Before saying yes to the clients, here are a few questions all marketers need to find answers to at the start. Here are some guidelines to help you be more prepared than your competitors in the digital platform world.

We have classified the frequently generated questions based on:

Product detail

Is your product an object or a service? What are you trying to sell in the market? Make your priorities clear. Go into the details if it is an object or an idea that you are projecting for sale.

Target Audience

Target Audience forms the backbone of the digital marketing market. It is required to classify your buyers. Who can afford to buy? Target audience depends on the demographic factors like age, gender, and activities. Where does the large portion of your audience come from? Global or national region?


What revenue sources would you count upon for your business growth? How to utilize the resources within the allocated budget to achieve your business goals? Is there a huge difference between the budget required and the budget allocated? How does your goal compliment the normal budgeting?


Build a strategy that would steer your focus and stick you to the track. What form of an image do you want to display? Does your company culture match with the image displayed for marketing?


A promotional plan is crucial in marketing platforms. How do you plan on reaching out to the target audience? Budget planning is also an important factor. Keep in mind how much money are you willing to spend on the project? And what will the possible outcome of this investment? If there is a feeble profit, modify the budget-target audience graph. Do you have any better ideas to emphasize the present conversion stats?


If your planning and strategy have worked well until the last stage, are you ready for the execution of the whole idea? Before the implementation, thoroughly review all the marketing activities. Is the whole idea engaging? How smooth is the marketing audit functioning? Are you keeping a track of the behaviour of the clients on your website?

ROI Index

What forms the baseline of your marketing sales? How did you manage your sales ROI prior to the current marketing investment? What is the regular frequency of timescale management in your case? Are you more inclined towards macro methods or the micro methodology in the long term scenario?

It is important to keep away from commitments that you cannot deliver to your clients. These major questions need to be answered at the start of the project. These questions are important because they will give you an idea about the client as well as the service they are seeking from your market. Keep these questions in mind so that you perform a thorough audit before the final conclusion.

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