Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

  • Jun 29, 2020

  • by Saurabh Kumar

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

The recent pandemic has increased the demand for digital marketing as offline marketing has taken a back seat. With the pandemic affecting almost every business, it’s time to switch to the new normal where your online marketing strategies can make or break your business. You need a marketing strategy that drives traffic, uses the power of social media to reach the target audience, and makes good use of media marketing strategies. This is where the right digital marketing tools can be of great help. Here are 10 tools we recommend to help you ace your digital marketing campaign.

1. MailChimp

Price: Plans start free and can range up to $199

Did you know that almost 80% of the B2B and B2C companies use email marketing technology to reach their target audience? The figure implies that you need to implement an email marketing strategy from day one. This is where MailChimp, email marketing as well as a social advertising tool, can be of great help. MailChimp creates and manages the mailing list, automated marketing campaigns, newsletters, and also helps you design the email campaigns.

Why do we recommend it? The ability to track the performance of an email campaign, e-commerce integration, and automation are some of the top reasons we recommend using MailChimp. The free plan option for less than 2000 subscribers is an added advantage.


2. Google Analytics

Price: Free

An essential tool for digital marketing campaigns, Google Analytics is the gold standard for website analytics. The tool provides you with all the information about who is coming to your website, the exact location of the visitors, and the pages where they are spending the maximum time.

Why do we recommend it? Google Analytics helps us understand what makes a good business for the target audience. In addition to this, tracking conversion rates, user engagement, real-time data are some of the reasons we love using the tool.


3. Vicinus

Price: Custom charges depending on the location

Local listings also play an important role in helping your business grow. Vicinus offers a competitive solution for companies of all sizes when it comes to managing local listings. The tool helps local businesses update their information so that they are visible and discoverable for the target audience.

Why do we recommend it? The AI integrated local MarTech platform provides accurate and consistent data, SEO-friendly store locator pages, review management, and updated insights.

4. Hootsuite

Price: Starts at $29/month

An ideal tool for social media management, Hootsuite helps you store your approved content in the cloud and is accessible to the team 24/7 for social media postings. The tool also allows you to schedule multiple posts at once along with the tags and keywords.

Why do we recommend it? The tool has made social media marketing easy and less time taking for us. The social teams can easily track the engagement, calculate conversions, and ROI. In addition, the tool makes it easy to reply to the comments or mentions using the dashboard.

5. BuzzSumo

Price: Plans starting at $79/month

BuzzSumo helps in identifying and connecting with the top influencers in the industry. The tool enables you to look up the trending topics and helps you generate content that attracts your target audience.

Why do we recommend it? Creating content-based on the latest trends has always been a challenge. BuzzSumo provides specific data that comes handy in creating content following the latest trends.


6. SEMrush

Price: Plans start at $99.95

In this competitive era, it’s necessary to create marketing campaigns and content that appeal to your target audience. SEMrush helps in improving your campaigns, finding valuable keywords, earning backlinks, and keeping a close eye on the site’s performance.

Why do we recommend it? For beginners, SEMrush makes it easy to analyze and understand organic and paid search results. The built-in tools help both digital marketing and PPC experts improve rankings and monitor competitors.


7. Canva Business

Price: $12.95/month for teams or depends on custom pricing for enterprises. Free plans available

Canva Business helps you create images using custom pictures, shapes, icons, and fonts that are available on Canva platform. The best part is you can use the tool even if you have little or no design skills.

Why do we recommend it? A great tool for start-ups, Canva can be used to design logos for a business at an initial stage. The tool makes it easy to recreate the exact vision in mind with the help of a vast image collection.


8. HubSpot

Price: Free to $3,200/month, depending on the plan

Hubspot is one of the top players when it comes to marketing, sales or CRM. Whether you need to set up web forms, start an email marketing campaign, or analyse the behaviour of a visit, Hubspot can help you out.

Why do we recommend it? Ideal for businesses of all sizes, we found the tool quite useful for driving traffic, turning leads to customers, and keeping the teams organized and efficient.


9. Trello

Price: Plans range from a free subscription to $20.83/month for enterprises

A great content management tool, Trello helps organizations brainstorm and strategize content. The tool also helps you keep a track of the blog posts that have been scheduled for publishing.

Why do we recommend it? The tool provides information about who’s in charge of writing, editing the content or adding CTA to the posts. Free subscription for small teams and businesses is an added advantage.


10. Kissmetrics

Price: $199-$349/month, Custom plans available

Kissmetrics helps you increase conversions across the website. The platform helps in tracking the visitors during the conversion journey and also gives reports to improve the conversion process, thereby increasing sales and revenue.

Why do we recommend it? The tool keeps a record and information of every customer that visits the site.


The Bottom Line

To make sure that your online marketing plan is successful, you need the right marketing tool. However, the list mentioned above include only some of the best tools that you can use to ace your digital marketing efforts. In addition to these, there are a lot of other tools that are not included in the list but are useful for your digital marketing strategy. If you have a list of tools that you feel must be included in the list, let us know in the comments below.

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