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Alok Singh

Jan 11, 2013 / In Online Marketing

A Google Adwords & Bing Adcenter Certified Professional with varied and strong knowledge of achieving business goals through implementation of Online Paid Campaigns comes with more than 6 years of paid online advertising experience

Steps to keep in mind when launching a new SEM campaign on Google and Yahoo/Bing

The increasing growth in Online marketing is ought to benefit every enterprise in today's world. Some of the enterprises are able to get a great success in online advertising with an increase in sales and ROI while for others, it has proved to be a huge failure. To combat with this problem, certain steps, that can be taken while launching a SEM campaign on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other online channel, are:

1. Objective of Account/Goal: The main objective of any company is to drive people to their website either to generate leads or to sell a product. The keywords and Ad copies have to be according to the campaign's objective.

2. Keyword Selection: Based on the target audience, a list of potential keywords should be created. One can use various free or paid tools available online for keyword generation for example Google's Keyword tool. It is a free tool which provides information about the estimated cost-per click and monthly traffic for all the keywords.

3. Use 'Call to action' in Ad Copy: The ad copies should be written in such a way so as to attract the prospective customers. These ad copies should be a clear description of the key products and services of the business. The action words for example Find, Click, Get, Download and Buy etc. help in getting the attention of people searching for a specific item or service.

4. Add Negative Keywords: One should filter out the keywords or key phrases which one does not want ads to show up for. This will help one focus and save time and money on relevant traffic.

5. Setting: Choosing the right medium (search or Display), time schedule, Demographics, Device (Desktop/laptop, Mobile or tablet user), language etc. are the most effective ways to segment & target the audience. Businesses can increase sales or generate leads by targeting a PPC campaign to a particular location or audience. Take for instance, as a local Car Dealer; one should only target people who live in the zip codes which are in a 5 mile radius from the Showroom.

Practicing these five steps will let one be more strategic about driving more traffic to the website, improving the ROI and generating quality leads. One should keep in mind that a successful PPC campaign should include identifying objectives, electing proper keywords, including a call to action in the ads, adding negative keywords and targeting specific demographics for the success of the campaigns.

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