How To Leverage ASO For Increasing ROI?

  • Oct 20, 2020

  • by Harsh Sagar

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How To Leverage ASO For Increasing ROI?

There are over 5 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store combined. Thus, it’s not surprising that marketers struggle to differentiate their app from others and to generate higher click-throughs and conversions. Thankfully, App Store Optimization can help them in this quest to a great extent.

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of boosting an app’s visibility in the app store. Here is why ASO is crucial – as per Statista’s figures, 41% of app customers browse through the app store to discover new applications. Thus, an investment in maximizing your app’s visibility is key to unlocking ROI.

Different ways to maximize visibility include:

  • Improving rank on search results
  • Having the app feature on the home page of app stores
  • Getting the app listed on different ‘popular apps’ charts in a general or specific category

However, a higher rank will have no discernable impact on the ROI unless users are compelled to click through and download the app. Effective ASO practices can help app marketers realize these objectives and increase the overall ROI of their marketing campaigns.

Leveraging ASO to boost ROI 

Successful ASO helps users find your app organically through search results. These users are generally more loyal and engaged than those who come across your app as a result of paid marketing campaigns. The impact of successful ASO is further emphasized by the fact that search results make up a vast majority of installs for most apps.

Additionally, ASO increases the effectiveness of your paid campaigns, social media marketing, and other user acquisition endeavors as well. With efficient ASO, you will see a significant increase in downloads from all marketing channels. Thus, ROI improves and you make the most out of every buck spent on marketing.

How to use ASO to increase ROI

For successfully implementing ASO, app marketers need to focus on the different elements of ASO, including app name, app logo, keywords, screenshots, app description and metadata, among others.

App Name

The app name and logo are the first to be seen by a user in an app store listing. The name of the app should be unique, relevant to the functionality of the app, and easy to read and remember. The length of the app name can be 50 characters for Google Play Store and 30 characters for the iOS App Store. The name of the app should also include the most relevant keyword(s) if possible.


When users are unsure or have no specific preference, they use keywords or phrases to find an app to meet their purpose. If your app name and description include relevant keywords (without stuffing or overdoing), the app’s ranking on search results is likely to improve. Marketers must therefore learn how to determine which keywords to use. Consider the following best practices to get started:

  • Look for words that describe the basic features of your app.
  • Look for the synonyms of these words.
  • Use as many long-tail keywords as possible.
  • Look for similar apps, and see what their names are.
  • Use the app category as a keyword, if applicable.
  • Look for words that people generally use when looking for apps in that category.

According to App Radar, 65% of all downloads occur directly after a search. Therefore, the importance of using the right keywords cannot be overemphasized.

Screenshots and Videos

Screenshots and videos don’t necessarily play a role in improving the ranking or the visibility of an app. But they are crucial when it comes to conversion, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a key element of ASO. Once the user finds your app, clicks on it, and lands on the app page, what they see must be aesthetically compelling. So, focus on the visual elements of the screenshots and videos you feature on the app page. But do ensure that the functionality of the app is also well demonstrated. Remember to adhere to all the size and layout requirements as well.


Most marketers focus exclusively on paid campaigns and SEO and pay very little attention to ASO, if at all. But that is mistake app marketers can no longer afford to make. For maximum ROI, marketers must use all the tools at their disposal. They must curate and implement a well thought out combination of paid campaigns, social media marketing, SEO, and ASO.

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