Brand Building Through Influencer Marketing

  • Jun 07, 2016

  • by Prarthana Varma

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Brand Building Through Influencer Marketing

Consumers are exerting their influence on brand equity like never before, adding greater responsibility on brand managers to elevate the company’s brand image and out-do its competitors. Brand Managers see social media as a powerful tool for building their brand image. As a result, brands are putting themselves out there on multiple social media platforms with the intention of tapping into perceptions of consumers to produce noteworthy results. With more consumers basing their purchase decisions on the recommendations of fellow consumers or influencers, it becomes crucial for brands to strengthen their relationship with both existing and potential consumers on social media. This can be achieved by establishing a relationship with your customers and connecting with them on a personal level. Getting influencers on board whose voices resonate with that of your target audience, through Influencer Marketing helps amplify the content that you wish to put out there to your audience.

Value Additions Via Influencer Marketing

Spread Trust and Awareness

When influencers start talking about your product/service through multiple social media channels, their endorsement becomes like a validity proof. This aids in building trust and awareness about the brand among the influencer’s target audience. Nikon partnered with SXSW Music Residency to expand its brand awareness. Through the three day show, people were handed Nikon cameras to click pictures and instantly upload them on Facebook through their social media profiles. This allowed customers to get a first-hand experience of the Nikon camera and establish the authenticity of its claims.

Increase in Customer Base

Awareness created through authentic and trustworthy sources helps reach out to a wider consumer base. It expands to include the brand’s existing target audience along with the large target audience of the influencer.

Positive Wom

Influencers mentioning your brand creates a buzz in the marketplace, making current customers and prospective buyers more confident in trying out the brand’s products and services. For example, handing out product samples to bloggers to use and create positive content about their experience allows customers to get a pseudo-real time feel of the product.

Foster Brand Building

With the new generation being exposed to a plethora of aggressive advertisements, subtle promotion from influencers stands out. People tend to listen to the influencers since they can relate to them as fellow consumers who’d paint a genuine picture of the brand thereby building a positive brand image.

Boost Sales

Content pertaining to your line of business, if voiced by the apt influencers, magnifies your reach, creates positive buzz about your product/service and as a result, increases the chances of sales. For instance, Weber Shandwick employed various influencers including industry experts, sports nutritionists, health bloggers etc. to change the notion of chocolate milk from being perceived as a beverage to that of an energy booster after work out. The results showed a positive increase in the number of sales after a period of one year. 

Increase in Relevant Content

With influencers being asked to create and share new content for the brand, fresh and high quality content is created for the brand. Such content is usually SEO friendly and helps improve the overall digital presence of the brand.

Influencer Marketing in Action

Kraft Foods was an early adopter of Influencer Marketing. It used Influencer Marketing to its advantage by asking relevant influencers to create recipes using Kraft ingredients and distributing them on social media rather than creating recipes internally and then sharing them along with discount coupons. This not only helped them reduce costs but also helped them boost customer engagement on social media. 

With the objective of associating Namah Resorts with industry influencers, Envigo helped leverage the Spring Bird Festival to gain traction for the brand. 

Envigo devised a structured Influencer Marketing campaign for Namah Resorts wherein a well renowned photographer Gulzar Sethi was roped in to be a part of the campaign. Whilst enjoying the hospitality of Namah Hotels, he was asked to click pictures pertaining to the festival.

The pictures shot by Sethi were uploaded on Namah’s social media channels. These were further shared by Sethi on his social media handles to expand the reach and awareness of Namah as a hospitality brand. Alongside, a contest was run on social media to boost customer engagement and interaction

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