10 Benefits of PPC for Small Business

  • Jan 11, 2019

  • by Rakhi Chowdhary

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10 Benefits of PPC for Small Business

PPC offers a lot of opportunities to small scale business firms and start-ups. PPC Campaign is one of the successful methods to generate profit on online promotion. If you aim to reach your target audience at the right time to obtain convert, PPC is the best tool for your operations.

What exactly is PPC?

PPC, also known as Pay Per Click, is one of the tools that is used to advertise or promote a business in the virtual world. You can use PPC to promote your brands in various platforms. PPC model follows a simple method. Since it is simple, it is popular in the digital world. To sum it up, PPC is the process that determines your payment on the basis of clicks received on your ad.

Two of the well-known PPC platforms are - Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

10 Advantages of PPC

From the business perspective, there are a few advantages provided by PPC for small-scale industries. The PPC campaign is of paramount importance in digital marketing as well. Let us have a look at the benefits now-

1. Measurable results campaign.

A general idea of time spent, and outcome gathered can be known from the beginning of the campaign. Reports and KPIs provided will give you all the information and data needed by marketing departments and CEOs.

2. Fast Results

Fast results are always expected from business companies. And PPC is the fastest way to operate a campaign on advertisement. PPC not only helps run the campaign but also delivers faster results. If you already have a running account, create an ADWORDS account and set up your ads to run them in Google network. You will start getting traffic.

It is important to understand that PPC is competent when it comes to reaching your target audience in the fastest possible way.

3. Reach the right audience

A PPC Campaign allows you to choose the place and time for your ads to appear. There are a number of factors that contribute to it, such as including keywords, location, website, device, time and date and plenty more. Also, the flexibility allows you to distinguish your market and present your products and services to the right audience.

4. No dependencies on SEO or Google Algorithmic changes

If you have an SEO-friendly website that complies with SEO best standards and practices, a PPC campaign will be bonus. A profitable campaign will bring you the necessary changes in Google and improve your ranking at a faster pace.

5. Take advantage of business opportunities

Do you encounter problems such as absence of your main competitors or selling of your web hosting packages during the competitors’ absence? Then, it is a great time to run a targeted PPC campaign and surprise your angry customers. And this will only happen with PPC because it is easy to implement and fetch instant results.

6. Open doors to local customers

PPC is highly functional for local searches. People searching for products or services on their mobiles can see your ads, click on them and get updates about you and your store. According to the latest data, 75% people are likely to visit your store or get your service when they find it on their search results. Make sure you have better features than your competitors’.

7. Budget Friendly

There are no budget restrictions in PPC. You get to decide how much to pay for a click and how much to spend on an ad or campaign. Since everything on PPC campaign is measurable, you can analyze the amount you are spending and gauge whether it is leading to profit or loss. In general, if a campaign is profitable, it is safe to spend more money until you reach your maximum ROI.

8. Reporting and High Functionality

PPC platforms like Google Adwords and Bing Ads offer you all the tools that you need to run your campaigns. Get the accurate results with the right tools and right marketing.

9. Brand recognition

PPC can be used to target keywords related to your industry. People searching for those keywords can now see your ads constantly. Even though the general keywords generate less sales, it will help you increase the brand awareness and establish your business.

10. It’s a great tool to test your marketing strategies for other mediums

To test whether the product headline or ad copy with perform better in your ad campaign, set up different ads in a Google Adwords campaign, and run them for a fortnight or so. After running the campaigns, you can analyze the results. The highest CTR ad proves to be the most effective copy for users.

Some Inside Insights into PPC 

To harbour the advantage of the benefits given above, you need to confirm that-

  • Campaigns are well optimized - this might take effort and time.
  • You have to run test on ads, strategies and scenarios, until you get to know the strategy that best suits your business.
  • Your expenditure on PPC should be less than the amount you get in return.
  • Run a check on what your competitor is doing – use any of the tools available to check your competitors’ performance and take aid from the aforementioned ideas for your campaigns.


Since PPC can produce faster results by targeting your audience, PPC has greater benefits for your business. PPC combined with SEO strategy can work wonders and deliver you the best possible results.

If you fail to get the desired results from PPC in the beginning, you could try optimizing your campaigns in a better way. Or you can hire professionals to help you.

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