​Content Outreach Strategies 2016 - Walkthrough

  • Feb 29, 2016

  • by Divyanshu Sharma

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​Content Outreach Strategies 2016 - Walkthrough

2016 will see skyrocketing content marketing budgets. Sanctioning skyrocketing budgets alone doesn’t essentially mean better results. Moreover, for small and medium sized enterprises, channelising budgets in the right direction via the right people is of utmost importance. The video walks you through some of the effective outreach strategies you need to leverage in 2016 to amplify results for your business.

Here are some quick takeaways-

  • Earning a link is more valuable than buying a link
  • Give people enough reasons to be a part of your outreach strategy
  • Create and leverage your network to create more opportunities
  • Give social signals to let the world know what your brand is up to
  • Invest heavily in the right thing, at the right time and with the right people

Get in touch with us and let us create a bespoke content outreach strategy for you. And yes, we also create awesome videos. Say hi@envigo.co.uk and let us help you create an awesome symphony for your brand.

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