The Volatility of SGE: What We Know and What We Don't

  • Oct 16, 2023

  • by Narender Kumar

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The Volatility of SGE: What We Know and What We Don't

The digital realm is in constant flux, and Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) is the latest entrant causing quite a stir. As an SEO expert at a leading digital marketing agency, I've been closely observing the developments and implications of SGE. Today, I'll share insights gleaned from my experience, aiming to provide clarity on this topic.

Understanding the Implications of SGE

1. Theories Surrounding SGE's Traffic Impact

SGE is poised to significantly influence organic search. Depending on its final form, we could witness a decrease in organic traffic by up to 30%, reminiscent of the impact of featured snippets on certain search results. However, the exact magnitude of this impact will vary based on the niche, business model, and keyword types. If a query doesn't trigger an AI overview, the impact will be minimal. But if your site doesn't appear in an auto-generated AI overview, brace yourself for a potential dip in traffic.

2. The Visual Power Play

Images are paramount in the SGE landscape. Much like an engaging YouTube thumbnail, a compelling image can dramatically boost click-through rates. E-commerce queries, in particular, stand to benefit, with products gaining prominence in AI overviews.

3. The Dynamic Nature of SGE

SGE is incredibly fluid, with overviews for the same query showing marked variations. This dynamism means that strategies need to be adaptable, and what works today might need tweaking tomorrow.

SGE: What We Know So Far

1. A New SERP Landscape

SGE is set to redefine the SERP landscape. While it shares similarities with other SERP features, it occupies a larger space, often dominating the entire screen on desktops and necessitating scrolling on mobile devices.

2. The Importance of Imagery

Images associated with cited sources can significantly influence CTR. As with YouTube thumbnails, captivating images can drive user engagement and clicks.

3. The Impact on Organic Traffic

If your site doesn't feature in the AI overview but ranks high in regular organic results, expect a drop in CTR. This is a natural outcome, given the prominence of above-the-fold content in both websites and search results.

4. The Ever-Evolving SGE

SGE is in a state of constant evolution. From changes in the appearance of overviews to the number of ads displayed, the landscape is continually shifting. This dynamism underscores the need for SEO professionals to stay updated and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Venturing into the Unknowns of SGE

1. Predicting SGE's Volatility

One of the pressing questions is the future trajectory of SGE's volatility. While we've witnessed significant changes in its early stages, it remains to be seen if this trend will persist.

2. The Data Challenge

In SEO, data drives decisions. However, comprehensive official data on SGE is currently lacking. While the SEO community is finding innovative ways to gather insights, the absence of official data poses challenges.

3. The Road to SGE Optimisation

The million-dollar question is how to ensure prominence in SGE's AI overviews. While some insights and theories are emerging, the exact formula remains elusive. However, the SEO community is known for its adaptability, and through rigorous testing and experimentation, we're making headway.

Preparing for the SGE Era

While it's essential to stay informed about SGE, it's equally crucial not to lose sight of current SEO best practices. Focus on strategies that deliver results now and remain adaptable to future changes. Ensure your content is paired with compelling visuals, prioritise essential keywords in your titles, and monitor key SGE-related developments.

Summing Up

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and SGE is its latest chapter. While it brings challenges, it also offers opportunities for those willing to adapt and innovate. Stay informed, be adaptable, and remember that the SEO community thrives on collaboration and shared learnings.

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