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Our approach is to define success and measure performance. Web events which drive business goals need to be captured and measured. These aggregates need to be provided to decision makers accurately and reliably. envigo’s web analytics consultants team undergo constant training and are certified to use and advise on the latest tools. Our clients don't regret their choice of web analytics agency

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Web Analytics Audit

A thorough review of the website analytics setup to spot any problems. The advanced audit includes an in-depth analysis of the web analytics configuration and tracking cross-referenced to business requirements. Ensure that existing tracking is working correctly and review detailed recommendations on how to improve reporting of your online performance. Review integration between Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, AdWords and other such systems.

Advanced Tracking and Configuration

Review of the site tag container used in tag manager implementations. Various advanced tracking settings like e-commerce implementation, cross-device tracking and related data capture, use of custom dimensions are covered. Learn about custom events and tag hierarchies for your business and jointly determine tracking requirements.

Analysis and Insight

Revamp of business reporting linked with website and digital marketing spend. Ensure that reporting and analysis reach the right decision-makers in the right format. Outsource your report creation and summary preparation maximise time for decision making.

Digital Marketing Optimisation

Combine web analytics and marketing cost reporting to generate decision-friendly ROI reports. Using a well-designed suite of web analytics reports, compare the performance of marketing channels and optimise resource allocation. Use conversion, profitability and various customer behaviour metrics to improve conversion and marketing effectiveness.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Measure the impact of small, incremental changes on the website using A/B (or multi-variate) tests. envigo can work with you in defining such tests. Improve the purchase funnel and improve conversion rates of the website.

google tag manager

With Google Tag Manager, Migrate your existing marketing tags into a GTM container once – correctly and seamlessly. Remove the hassle of deploying and managing numerous javascript tags. All future tag deployments - Like a cool breeze!

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