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our energy & vigour come from a great team and a culture of constant learning. the fire has been burning since 2008


lock, stock and barrel

  • Saurabh Kumar

    Saurabh Kumar


  • Harsh Sagar

    Harsh Sagar

    Head of Technology

  • Santosh Singh

    Santosh Singh

    VP Online Marketing

  • Pushkar Rana

    Pushkar Rana

    Sr. Developer

  • Deepti Gupta

    Deepti Gupta

    SEO Manager

  • Vivek Gupta

    Vivek Gupta

    Team Lead

  • Dinesh Kumar

    Dinesh Kumar

    Head of UX/UI

  • Nishit Mamgain

    Nishit Mamgain

    Head of Business Development

  • Karen Thompson

    Karen Thompson

    Account Manager

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