Nubia Smartphones enhance Online Presence and drive Online Sales

Founded in October 2012, nubia aims to bring high-end innovative smartphones to adventurous users who want to pursue new experiences and an enhanced quality of life. Inspiring the world to “Be Yourself,” nubia continues to elevate lifestyles by encouraging users to chase their dreams and pursue new passions.

Nubia was looking to build awareness and spread the word about its offerings in India. Turning to the Google Display Network, we fully achieving our goals!


Brand Awareness by reaching new customer base while generating sales in India.

Amalgamate Google Display with the Amazon India’s Affiliate program to drive sales

Tactical with real-time bidding and managed placements

Identified touchpoints of the users who are on a journey to buy a smartphone

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Branding while connecting to the users and driving sales using Google Display Network

1. Support for mobile devices using a responsive website

2. Support for AB testing for landing page and sales funnel

3. On-page Event tracking

4. Support for remarketing tags

5. Internationalisation – Language, currency and payment support

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The End Result

The increase in organic traffic for the first two years has been 250% and 145% respectively.. The increase in un-attributable revenue for the first two years has been 325% and 172% respectively.