Creating awareness about the new product variants digitally and hence increase market share

GlaxoSmithKline - A multinational pharma and consumer health company; a 100 year old global antacid brand with presence in more than 40 countries

The Endeavour

The challenge was to increase awareness about the newly launched variants by creating a strong presence on different social media channels apart from the traditional brand presence. KPIs included acquisition and engagement of fans and followers.

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The Enabling

An integrated campaign was created which included personification of the new product variants. Variants were introduced as characters with witty names and separate profiles (as individuals) were created for them on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Profiles were created for each character
  • Characters interacted on the brand FB page
  • Special landing pages were created for each character
  • 4 apps introduced over a period of 7 months to increase engagement
  • Accounts created for each character
  • Customised Twitter backgrounds created according to the character theme and personality
  • Characters were made to fight with each other on Twitter using campaign hashtags
  • Dedicated channel was created
  • Presence for TVCs and viral videos

The End Result

High engagement levels were maintained on Facebook & Twitter throughout the duration of the campaign. Engagement levels increased to about 200% during the periods in which the apps were active.

The campaign was rated amongst the top 5 digital campaigns within the parent company worldwide.