Creating a sustainable high quality outreach campaign for increasing awareness.

Hertz - A global car rental provider with presence in 100+ countries; for three European country websites (Italy, Netherlands and Spain)

The Endeavour

The challenge was to increase existing levels of awareness for the client’s services in regional European markets. The KPI’s was revenue generated from un-attributable traffic (non-brand organic, non-paid referrals) and the Keyword Visibility index

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The Enabling

The key elements of the designed solution were :

1. Right-sourcing from local markets- Right-sourcing talent for content creation and outreach communication from each of regional markets. Local market managers were selected based on their marketing, communication and networking skills.

2. Research driven topical infographics– engaging with local influencers and contacts and using them to generate a positive word of mouth at the grassroots. The main creative elements was themed Local Business Infographics , which promoted high quality and popular local businesses in various cities. These Infographics were based on secondary research done by the market managers

3. Symbiotic distribution- Based on reciprocity, Local businesses, who had been featured, were contacted and asked to promote these Infographics.

4. Tracking and iteration- Email response rates were tracked and optimised to improve distribution and response generation.

The End Result

The process was sustainable as a healthy pipeline of themed Infographics was maintained during the campaign period. Influential local business sites started mentioning such content and linking to it – generating immense awareness and valuable search engine link juice. Immediate improvements in search engine ranks of related keywords within 2 weeks of the release of an Infographic.

Annual increase in in-organic revenue was 175% and market keyword indices increased by 45% within 3 months in each market.