Multi-point engagement for a hassle-free ecommerce launch

Biba - One of India’s largest ethnic fashion brands

The Endeavour

The website was very small but had large, loyal visitor base. The challenge was to migrate to a best-in-class e-commerce experience to this user base who was buying the brand from existing large e-commerce stores, while rolling out an aggressive marketing campaign.

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The Enabling

A small cross-functional team was created at envigo as the solution design involved multiple dimensions.The business requirements of the new platform were reviewed and augmented.

Some of the new requirements included:

1. Support for mobile devices using a responsive website

2. Support for AB testing for landing page and sales funnel

3. On-page Event tracking

4. Support for remarketing tags

5. Internationalisation – Language, currency and payment support

The End Result

The new platform project plan accomplished all stated objectives with various work-streams going Live a phased manner. Within two months, web traffic was up by 75% over legacy (from organic and referral sources).