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  • Apr 02, 2012

  • by Sugandh Kumar

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The process of self learning and discovery is probably one of the best ways to grow and we at envigo strongly believe in this tenet.

The digital media space changes at a speed which is probably faster than the speed of light. Every day we are left grappling with new issues for which we master new tricks. Talking of the social media team specifically, we not only need to keep pace with the changes happening in the digital space but we also need to amalgamate the benefits of traditional media outposts with the unique possibilities of the digital medium.

Social media is a lot about content and we are constantly lookout for innovative ways of delivering content to the target audience. In order to flaunt our creativity to a prospective client, we decided to create an animation. All the creative minds at Envigo joined forces to accomplish the task.

Story boarding for the animation was done which was followed by a rough and a fair sketching out of all the moving parts. These parts were then drawn, cut, scanned and photoshopped. Our story was ready in pieces and these piece were put together to make the final product. In a few hours time only our cute little animation project was complete!

Though we did not get the account we were prying, the animation is still very dear to us.

I want the story in the animation to be envigo's story where envigo is the tiny fish!


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