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Looking at 2011 Socially

It was a watershed year for the social media team at envigo. From a two people team, we are now a seven people cross functional team which can handle the social media mandate for clients across industries.

Unlike the other teams at envigo which are very process oriented, we are engagement oriented ;)

Please don't for a moment think we do not have processes. We have processes but they are slightly different!
If I was to look at the SEO and social media team processes, then, this is how they would compare.

Anything for getting those coveted likes, comments and impressions!!

But here lies a catch. This is not what the client gets to see! We remember to wipe our shoes on our trousers before meeting a client.We are evolving and we try to learn from everyone around us ;)

With a lot of support, encouragement and some push and pull these are the social media campaigns that we ran in 2011:

  1. Scientist Bhaskar – Foodles instant noodles by Horlicks
  2. Ranbaxy Revital
  3. Fortune Hotels
  4. The Frunos – Eno by GSK
  5. Max Bupa
  6. Lifelong Learning –
  7. Stratedge – GSK –Ch Buzz –
  8. The Wine Society of India –

It was a mixed bag of brands and we were able to deliver satisfactory campaigns across industry verticals.

In my next blog post I will map the qualities of the social media team which translate into successful social media campaigns. So stay tuned!

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