Better Websites for Better SEO

  • Oct 13, 2009

  • by Saurabh Kumar

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Better Websites for Better SEO

A common question from our SEO clients is about telling them about our most successful SEO initiatives. Without praising ourselves, there are a few sites we like to talk about – and There are a lot of things which come together in a great way for these websites. At the same time, we like to remind our clients focusing on SEO tips alone for ranking a website is not most wise.

Search engines such as Google look at over one hundred factors while ranking a webpage. Also, the algorithms attach different weights to these factors. At every major update, search engines introduce changes in their ranking algorithms. What one needs to realise is that the search engine's goals are not only to maIs your roadmap mobile-friendly?ke life difficult for an SEO. The search engine is constantly trying to deliver a better user experience for its users – this means the most relevant results, with informative page snippets, appearing in the shortest possible time.

When we design a website for better user experience, while keeping it accessible, we are actually future-proofing it from repeated search engine algorithm changes.

Google asks webmasters here to design sites for users, not search engine crawlers. The search engine crawler is somewhat like a visually challenged person. It can only read text. It can not see images and stylesheets nor can it understand audio. It ignores Javascript or Ajax. Its view of a web page can be very different from that of a user. The goal of a search engine crawler is to close this gap between human web browsing and machine crawling. At the same time, the search engine also tries to rank a website based on its user experience. This is why there are high marks conforming to accessibility standards.

This is why sometimes good SEOs should practise their art with blindfolds.

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