Why you should Embrace Live Chat for B2B Marketing

  • Jun 17, 2015

  • by Divyanshu Sharma

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Why you should Embrace Live Chat for B2B Marketing

If you have been browsing the net for an hour, chances are you've come across live chat somewhere by now. It is that little pop up or chat box on websites in e-commerce websites that connects you to agents who interact with you real time. But have you ever realised how useful a tool this is for B2B marketers? Here we give a peek into how live online chat aidss in deal closures, optimising content, and helps your customers through their buying cycle.

Why live chat?

Better communication

The communication landscape has changed. Most B2B firms have a social media presence, and have ensured that they have a two-way communication with their prospective buyers. With customers always looking for maximum 'value' in what they buy, they want an answer to every little question before they make their final purchase. Your marketing team might have created a lot of content - case studies, FAQs, and white papers to overcome apprehensions. But your customer might not have found them or might not be willing to invest time in going through all this material. They could have some very specific queries with regard to the product. Having a site chat will give you the opportunity to get them answered real time.

Optimise website Content

70% prospects make their buying decision based on website content of suppliers. But how do you know what your prospects are looking for?- Online chat will give you the answer..

Yes, you read that right. Having an online chat lets you know which pages of your website communicate the information your user is looking for, and which pages don't. As a marketer you might have expectations very different from what the customer actually wants. You would have spent hundreds and thousands of dollars to get your prospect to the website, and you don't want them to leave just because they couldn't find what they were looking for.

Immediate feedback and questions posed by the user lets you know where you are lagging behind w.r.t website content.

Deal Closures

The inbound marketing landscape has moved from the hard-sell approach to consultative sales. Businesses are moving towards selling features/benefits as opposed to products. With such shifts, online chat lends a human & personalized touch to your website and buyers. One gets to know the buyer, gauge his need and offer him customised solutions by addressing his specific queries. Nearly 51% of customers tend to leave the website when they don't feel motivated by your CTA's. Having an online chat, makes them stick around longer, and definitely helps in deal closures. A popular tactic used by B2C firms is giving spot discounts/ offers, based on what customers are looking for. Online chats create a sense of urgency by throwing 'spot offers'. These motivate customers to go ahead make a purchase.

Having outlined the benefits of online chats for B2B marketers, there should be little doubt that online chat is gaining prominence in the B2B marketplace. The future customer experience will be shaped by how effectively and innovatively these tools are used to guide your customer through their buying cycle. Watch out this space for more dos and don'ts in online chat. 

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