What will be Different About Video Marketing in 2016?

  • Jan 25, 2016

  • by luv Arora

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What will be Different About Video Marketing in 2016?

Let me begin my post with a few stats by Cisco :

  • Globally, consumer internet video traffic will be 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2019, up from 64 percent in 2014
  • Internet video to TV doubled in 2014. Internet video to TV will continue to grow at a rapid pace, increasing fourfold by 2019
  • Content delivery network traffic will deliver over half of all internet video traffic by 2019

Increase of video selling in B2B sectors

Case studies, presentations & whitepapers are good tools for educating buyers but nothing comes close to a video. It helps in building an emotional connect with a potential buyer as well as the existing one. The selling process comprises of various stages and video becomes an integral part of each stage.

Many marketing representatives are using video testimonials to promote and show how their clients are achieving success and how are they part of it. This is a good strategy from both brand & agency point of view.

Interactive videos

This will be the year where marketers across all industries will start using interactive video as a well-used tool for their campaigns. I’m talking about data collection forms, sale alerts, questionnaires, surveys etc. that will assist marketers turn normal videos into a tool for better engagement, generating better leads etc. Also, the same ideas can be used to tell an interactive story, here’s an example:

Video marketing becoming a core competency

Imagine 7 years ago if I would have told you that there will be a whole department dedicated for social media you would have laughed. Today, brands not only have dedicated teams to manage social media but also video productions.

With growing prominence of video as a content marketing medium and seeing the great potential for video as a sales tool this seems certain that no one wants to be left behind.

Personalized videos

There has been a key trend in digital marketing for the past few years- Personalisation.

It started with writing a person’s name in an email and then expanded in innumerable ways to modify the marketing experience for good for different companies, individuals & segments. It also becomes a major part of marketing automation. It has now covered content marketing, social media, email marketing and web-based content as well.

Think about your first name or company name seamlessly appearing in a video to try out a new product. Won’t that be exciting to watch? This level of personalisation is now possible and with new personalized video technologies

The best examples for personalised video would be Facebook’s video campaigns LookBack and SayThanks.

The whole concept of personalized video campaigns started 2015 with excellent results, so it’s a surety that many more will try their luck for it in 2016.

While these are important things to look after in 2016 in video marketing, digital brand stories remain the mainstay. For that, getting the brand message right remains the most important aspect of a video for it to be successful.

Example: Getting the brand message just right.


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