Short Videos Big Returns

  • May 20, 2015

  • by Divyanshu Sharma

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Short Videos Big Returns

Quick quiz: What's common between Rihanna releasing her song in March, Victoria's Secret demonstrating their range of swim wears & Michael Kors' latest product launch ? Simple! All of them used short video bytes as part of their campaign launch activities.

Sounds something that would appeal only to a particular kind of audience? Think again.

Did these go viral? Oh, definitely yes.

Few years down the line, Would you still prefer reading this article? Or rather listen/watch it on the go? With the rampant rise of online videos, this question is worth pondering over, not just for consumers, but also for marketers.

Are short videos the next big thing?

With an estimated 13 million users, Vine has demonstrated consumers' hunger for short and crisp video bytes. And with platforms like Snapchat, Vine gaining popularity among today's users, it is only a matter of time before brands start considering these platforms more seriously.

If you are still not convinced by the reach of short videos, digest this:

  • In 2016 the gigabytes equivalent of all the movies ever made will move across networks every 3 minutes.
  • It will take 6 million years for one person to watch all the videos uploaded in one month.
  • Videos will constitute 55% of all internet traffic by 2016.
  • Videos on demand will triple by 2016.
  • Mobile video traffic will increase eighteen times by 2016.
  • In all, UGC fan videos get 10 times more views than brand-owned content.

If you are convinced, read on.

  • This medium is a great way to getting your message across in short and crispy format to your consumers, whose average attention span is plummeting.
  • They are direct, personal, and offer better engagement compared to other forms of content.There is little doubt that the online advertising is heading towards this trend.
  • Shorter videos are a great leveller. With online services like Vine, Snapchat and Meerkat, even those with a shoestring budget can hope to be in front of millions of eyeballs. Your creativity is your only constraint, and a little bit of luck!
  • The user base of these apps are the consumers of today - millions of them and all of them are potential viewers for a brand sharing content on such platforms. That's something you cannot miss out on.

But is it all that easy? Definitely not.

Major challenges

One of the major challenges of marketing with these short videos, is the minimal attention span.Consumer's attention span to online videos is very less compared to TV commercials. Whilst, few seconds are enough to deliver a powerful message, advertisers would like to have more time to send their message across.

The penetration of these mini-video platforms are significantly lower in developing markets. Contributing factors include availability of content, internet speeds and quality of phones.

So are you going to bite the bullet and divert some of your budget away from TV into Youtube , Vine and other platforms? With the current trend, you should! 

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