3 Resolutions Every Digital Marketer Should Make for 2016

  • Jul 07, 2015

  • by Prarthana Varma

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3 Resolutions Every Digital Marketer Should Make for 2016

While we have 42% days remaining this year, it’s time for you to start looking ahead to gain advantage in 2016. Allow us to take you through the 3 resolutions you must make to ensure greater returns from your digital marketing efforts.

I will organise my data

While this seems more of a hygiene check, the impact of clean data is going to be immense next year. Several data-driven platforms and tools were launched or improved upon this year (Google shopping requirements, dynamic content feed, ad customizer) and hence the need to re-look at finding and organising data.The granularity of organising data has no limit and should depend on your business requirements. If you've categorized your remarketing data based on traffic source, organise data to retarget by intent - the possibilities are endless.

I will spend time on collaborations

We emphasised about the need of collaborations with your influencers. Now, think about expanding the collaborative ecosystem to other players in the value chain. Work with suppliers, vendors, industry bodies and government organizations. This will not only give you new (and perhaps unique) source of content and ideas, but will also make you a thought leader in your industry. Use various tools (we love IFTTT) to create lists and keep in contact with a larger set of influencers.

I will integrate my digital efforts

It’s a no-brainer to create one identity for your brand across platforms – even if you’re working with different agencies. How to keep innovating and yet speak with the same language. Start creating an exhaustive list of things, words, events, colours etc. that you would want to associate your brand with. Then share those insights with your agencies and ask them to extrapolate. The resulting document can be used as a charter for all communication on digital

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