Reinventing (an Online marketing agency) to Stay Relevant

  • Jun 02, 2010

  • by Saurabh Kumar

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Reinventing (an Online marketing agency) to Stay Relevant

This business segment is new. Ten years ago, an online marketing agency was hard to conceive. True, the internet existed, but not many marketing budgets had a line for 'SEO' or 'PPC'. There might have been a line for 'Website banner advertisement' but definitely not so in India.

Today, our breed is thriving. Everyone has an online marketing agency or is planning to get one. Companies now have an 'online marketing manager' and even are trying out ' SEO Manager' and 'Affiliate Marketing Manager'.

Ten years from now, there might not be a search engine result page to compete for ranks. The web will be much more semantic – deriving meaning not only from the content of a page, but also by the structure of information arrangement. The web might also be omnipresent, with very blurred and/or thin lines between the desktop, the mobile and home appliances. Marketing to consumers will evolve and so will we.

About 15 years ago, there was a hallowed professional called the stock broker. Either way the market went, the stock broker was earning his cut. Then came the electronic stock exchanges who charged razor thin margins. The stock broker had to reinvent himself. He is now usually managing portfolios. He has to advise and he has to predict and he has to earn his commission on performance and not on transacting.

This industry will also get paid only on performance and will have to adapt and learn new technologies. We will have to run very hard to keep us from falling behind. Devices will start talking to other devices and to banks. Privacy laws will become tougher, but there will be much more data to play with. Customers might block away unsolicited ads completely but will also begin to solicit in an informed manner. The website will

The mobile revolution is just a trailer of the entire reinvention movie. It is exciting – much in the same way a roller coaster is.

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