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  • Sep 04, 2015

  • by Prarthana Varma

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​New Age Marketing Team

Digital marketing in the current scenario is no different from traditional marketing which we have been doing in the past. Essentially marketing principles are the same no matter what the channels are. There has been a long period where the department has been divided into specialist domains – online advertising, social media, website product, web analytics and so on. Organisations also have similar functions for the offline channels – planners, buyers, campaign managers, corporate communication, TV and print creative and so on. With the ongoing convergence in consumer behaviour, organisations need to align their resources differently.

The core functions of marketing need to be the departments of the future. A harvard business review suggested last year that in the digital age successful marketing organisation needs to be organized by functional expertise rather than by 'brand, project or platform'. There is no need for division by channel. Rather the division must be based on function as the competencies required are almost similar for both traditional and online.


This team has visionaries who keep abreast of the latest research on consumer, markets, technology and customer. They identify the key trends and plan for clients, creating a roadmap for accomplishing business objectives through customer satisfaction and great execution.

Content and Creative

These are the people responsible for the development & creation of all marketing collaterals. Your content includes everything from meta tags, website texts, landing pages, blogs, infographics, e-books, online ad copy to your catalogs, brochure, sales presentation etc.

Creatives also form an integral part of this team which inevitably includes graphic designers. Effective use of creative elements are essential to make your content interesting as this contribute to the user experience of your website.


Your content is of no use unless it reaches the right audience. This team develops and executes strategies to reach out to your audience via desired channels. Traditional marketing channels including public and media relations, print & TV advertisement and new media channels consisting of social media, online advertisement, influencer marketing and much more all come under the gamut of communications.

Moreover, this team reach out to journalists and bloggers via social media, engage and inform them about your company's products and services. These efforts might earn some inbound links for your website as well which will ultimately help in the search visibility of your website. Essentially speaking they are doing the job of public relations, social media and SEO simultaneously!

Analyze & Measure

It is important to measure and evaluate the success of your marketing campaign on the basis of pre-identified KPIs. The team utilizes web analytics tools to track audience behavior, their acquisition, conversions, engagement and follower growth. This includes audit of media coverage, ROI and lead evaluation and from your sales team as well.

As change is the only constant, people in each 'department' will have to learn all needed traditional and online methods to adapt to this new look of marketing team.

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