How to make your Facebook Page more Engaging

  • Nov 09, 2011

  • by Dinesh Kumar

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How to make your Facebook Page more Engaging

A question asked by hundreds of people in social media is how can they increase the engagement on their pages? The answer to this persistent question is complex but never truly illusive. However, we decided to view the question differently and thereafter, derive an answer to it. The question should really be what makes a particular page so engaging that fans can't resist interacting with it. The answer really requires cognitive reversal of theories to determine what interaction attributes a successful post that result in a psychologically engaging user experience. Here are a few pointers you must keep in mind each time you wish to start a conversation on a page.

Simplicity breeds familiarity

Simple and basic interactive posts do not require too much thinking on part of the user. They are familiar with the language and the message being communicated. And their response to the post is prompt without having to spare a second thought or an extra second.

Add details where needed

If the posts are brutally simple and familiar all that it can breed is boredom. Therefore, now a need arises to add necessary details to the content. Once the fan's mental model of how the page interacts is well formed and fully embedded (known technically as schema formation) to elude boredom and using familiarity add details to the page keeping in mind the profile of the targeted audience and user base. The posts should slowly move on to being user centric addressing their needs, solving their queries and forming a bond.

Cleverly Manage response time

The quicker and prompt the reaction time, the better will be the engagement. The aim really is to marry the user needs and the brand page resulting in many loyal customers. Time management can be leveraged to add to the quality and depth of engagement on any page.

Measure the engagement and proceed

The engagement on the page can be measured by the likes and comments and interaction per post. But the success really depends on when you can track profile of the most loyal amongst them and interact with them directly, in turn increasing their affinity to the page.

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