Harnessing the Power of Twitter for Better Business

  • Dec 13, 2013

  • by luv Arora

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Harnessing the Power of Twitter for Better Business

Described as the SMS of the internet world today, Twitter – a micro-blogging service was created and launched in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass. In its 7 years of existence, Twitter has indefinitely become a weapon of mass persuasion, and with a large number of people interacting with each other, this mushrooming social networking medium can just be brought to right use if you're looking for business extension and revenue generation!
Let's walk you through the basic pathway and infuse the power of Twitter into business operations. So, Twitter! It is an information network made up of 140-character messages called Tweets. You can easily discover the latest news, update, information and learn more about a gamut of subjects and fields that interest you. Such a platform does wonders when it comes to creating buzz and generating awareness about your brand or commercial organisation. In order to get to the ultimate goal, let's climb the ladder of the basics required to instill your presence in the business world via Twitter:

1. Polishing your profile

Writing out a crisp and gripping description about your business is what you need to begin with! Twitter Bio box gives you 160 characters to pen out a compelling reason for people to associate with you, and you have to make sure you use that space up to the mark.
Have some of these quick tricks on your finger tips while you pen down your brand biography:

  • Avoid verbiage; the key rule Twitter follows is less is more! So stick to that and make sure you come up with a neat description without being too wordy
  • Point out what makes you different. All prominent points must be highlighted well and the unique selling point should be kept at the centre of all focus
  • Claims-to-fame & listing out awards is a fair card played
  • Specify your location in the location box and include the website link
  • Don't stuff the bio up with hash tags
  • Choose an @handle that fits into 15 characters

2. Gaining your voice & Building a Twitter Community

Once you're ready with a great profile, you're good to start socialising and developing a strong network of your own. Today, people are hungry for great content, and this is the only way to have a great impact. Share worthy content, it could be anything – a picture, quote or a link that will hold your follower's attention and make them want to spread the word to their followers. Also, it's imperative to use the hash tags relevantly. Though there isn't any wrong time to tweet as the site is alive and active 24*7, we leave it to your judgement and knowledge of your target audience. There are free services like SocialBro and CrowdBooster that give you reports on the best times to Tweet to your followers.
So, penning down quick tricks to gain exposure, this is what we have in the platter:

  • Know your target audience, and make your way to reach them
  • Deliver quality content
  • Spend more time; and you get fruitful results (followers!)
  • Don't just rigidly follow a social strategy. There are no rules here that work
  • Be creative and make sure you stand out

3. Enumerating Success

There are quite a few parameters which can help you measure your business success on twitter. Let's go through them blow by blow and understand how they work!
a) Number of Followers: This is the most common and perhaps the most fundamental variable of evaluation. It's easy to track the growth of the followers on a daily basis.

b) Quality Interactions: Interactions coming from people in your target audience or those that qualify as leads come under quality interactions. Spam accounts and sketchy replies with links do not count. Such interactions are major signs that you're doing something right, so whatever it is, keep going! Quality interactions comprise of Retweets, Favourites, @mentions and Lists.

  • Retweets and favorites – People click the Retweet or Favourite button directly, and you get a notification on your @Connect page saying "X person Retweeted/Favorited Y Tweet"
  • Mentions – Someone else @mentions you in a Tweet
  • Lists – Whenever someone adds you to a public list on a certain topic

c) Amount of Clicks: Now this is an important tool, whether you're tweeting your own content or sharing someone else's. If people aren't really clicking your links, you're definitely missing out somewhere. A quick list on generating a higher number of clicks:

  • Write engaging and captivating tweets
  • Use optimum hashtags
  • Tweet them at the right time

d) Hashtag Tracking: Keep a track of how much of your hashtags are being used and what is being said through them, as this will give you a better insight about how people perceive your business. Promote your hashtags well and reach out to your target group as often as you can.

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