Facebook in 2014: What Social Media Managers Need to Keep in Mind!

  • Jan 03, 2014

  • by Divyanshu Sharma

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Facebook in 2014: What Social Media Managers Need to Keep in Mind!

For a lot of us, it's hard to believe that 2013 is over. Social media saw significant changes in 2013 – Twitter went public, Facebook got its $3B offer rejected from Snapchat and mobile emerged as a primary device that caused advertisers to scuttle to reach their target audience.

2013 saw social media managers earn authority in the business ground. Owners began to realise that they could no longer afford to depend on funny memes and quotes with pretty backgrounds. Eventually, in 2013 social media managers comprehended that they needed to be more imaginative and relational than before. 2013 also challenged the strategies when Facebook used timelines in place of pages. Timelines made businesses more reachable to their audience. However, while many businesses held on to this change, some of them were afraid of what it might do to their repute. This gave social media managers the chance to be accountable for walking them through accepting these changes.

Many businesses aimed at relying heavily on social media automation in 2013. Ideally in 2014, social media managers will depend less on computerisation and more on personal association on social media. In 2014, it will absolutely be critical for managers to widen your client's voice – particularly with Facebook advertising. Using this voice to reach the brand advocates will help you spread your point in a better manner. Using a voice helps your audience recognise your brand. Facebook did an excellent job in alluring marketers with the thought that social media is a way to advertise for free.

Social media managers are forced into a pattern shift: so as to get the most out of Facebook, they have to pay. Social media managers have to become better in 2014 in ad spend, best practices for Facebook ads, and how to engage the definite audience of each of their clients. To get the most for every penny spent, ads must request for engagement rather than just delivering a message. It will be their job to let clients know of these changes, while reframing their view about social media as free advertising. Unfortunately, Facebook users are beginning to stop paying attention to certain messages from businesses and developing ad blindness, disregarding posts that have "sponsored" attached to them.

A piece of advice in 2014 for social media managers: focus on relationships. Social media managers need to have a second pattern shift and observe Facebook as a way to cultivate relationships. While most of the managers focussed on EdgeRank in 2013, it will be all about engagement and relationship in 2014. Instead of focussing on attention-grabbers to "like" and "share" posts, it's significant to think about ways of establishing trust and communicating with the customers.

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