Digital Media Influencers- Are you Getting your Connections Right?

  • Apr 27, 2015

  • by Divyanshu Sharma

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Digital Media Influencers- Are you Getting your Connections Right?

Off late, there's been lot of noise about influencer marketing in digital media, but what is it exactly? Is it relevant for your brand? If yes, how can you march your way to success with influencer marketing in digital media? Read on and discover it yourself.

Influencer marketing in digital media can be loosely defined as a marketing technique that identifies and targets individuals who have influence over potential set of buyers/users. However, in the past year influencer marketing has been used by brands to create engagement, converse with fans & followers, and ultimately increase their fan base. To just view your digital influencers as an agent to increase sales is fast becoming outdated.

With such increased importance, what factors help you find the appropriate influencers? Is it just the number of followers? Had you asked me this a year back, I would have said yes, but now NO. Here is list the 4 important factors you need to consider while 'recruiting' an influencer. The new indices for influencer values can be grouped into 4C's.


The most important and basic aspect of influencer recruitment is context. Analysing your influencer's scope and their extent of influence in the network and measuring their social influence score (through innumerable online tools) you can establish their capital in the context YOUR marketing campaign. Choose an influencer to suit the context of your campaign. Your campaign should determine the influencer, and not the other way round.


Observing the relevance, constancy and consistency of the content help us pick the 'butterflies' who are most active in the influencer's network and tailor the content strategy accordingly. Also observing the conversations helps us determine their level of commitment to the influencer's content and measure amplification of messages. Choosing the right kind of content and distributing them in the appropriate platform(s) is a dynamic process. Social media research might help you to a large extent on this.


Credibility and online reputation are two most important aspects of a brand's presence in the digital media. Hence, choosing an influencer to suit the 'character' and credibility of the brand online becomes very important. An influencer not resonating with brand's characteristic might end up diluting the brand's message.

Influencer's quality of work, involvement in their network could be primary indicators to one's credibility. User's of a credible influencer network acknowledge, debate, and discuss about industry insights and other developments in their domain.


Closely related to credibility is the confidence of influencers. The level of trust between the influencer and their users determine the success of an influencer marketing campaign. Though a bit difficult to judge owing to its intangibility, it's not impossible. Influencers with good confidence levels tend to be ideators, first movers and their thoughts and opinions affect users outside their network. Though not a mandatory aspect to have in your influencer, they prove to be the game changers when you launch a service/product.

Though selecting influencer's with the said criteria, will definitely prove useful for your business, it's not the end. Influencer marketing tactics need to be streamlined with your other digital strategies to have a successful online presence.

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