Digital Marketing in 2015

  • Dec 25, 2014

  • by Prarthana Varma

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Digital Marketing in 2015

Some of the things to keep in mind for 2015:

Digital is now mainstream

There is no such thing as offline marketing and digital marketing. All marketing campaigns will need to have a digital dimension designed ground-up and not mere adaptations for the digital medium.

Content first (but only QUALITY content)

With Google Penguin 3.0 update, it is more evident that new content marketing strategies are here to stay and quality will always come before quantity. Inbound marketing strategy to attract, engage, convert and delight your customers is the way forward in digital.

This year will demand more focus on how we can do content using different communication tools and platforms.


Delivering more customised, localised and individualised message through your marketing campaign is the key to Web 3.0. Stop treating the customers as segments and focus on enhancing the personalised experience of each customer.

Native advertising will rule, banners are on their way out: advertising which is built-in to the platform (social ads on Facebook, search ads on Google, context ads inside news articles) is going to get bigger.

Mobile and video

Mobile apps are cheaper to build, mobile phones are everywhere, data costs are falling and mobile data is faster. All this is leading to a tremendous increase in consumption of mobile videos. Recent ad spend report by Zenith Optimedia forecasts that mobile advertising will grow by an average of 50% a year between 2013 and 2016.

Integration of SEO, content and social media

To have greatest impact the packaging of SEO, content and social media together is important. A successful SEO strategy rely upon great content for inbound links which social media helps to disseminate further. While you do this, it is very important to ensure that you pay attention to the number and quality of links being earned by your marketing efforts.

Psychographic targeting

Here we talk about creating a user persona of your customers including their interests, motivations and desires for better designing and targeting of marketing messages.

Cross device behavior

With increasing usage of smart phones, tablets and other devices, understanding cross device behaviour of your customers is vital for web marketers. Cross device measurement feature of Universal Analytics helps you measure data across computers, smart phones, tablets, kiosks etc.

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