​Build an Effective Buyer Persona to Connect with your Customers

  • May 12, 2015

  • by Prarthana Varma

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​Build an Effective Buyer Persona to Connect with your Customers

How do people shop online? Are their online buying habits the same as when they shop from actual stores in the market? Emerging players in the e-commerce business that are struggling to establish their online presence often ask these questions to their digital marketing team.

If you are one such e-commerce business, building a buyer persona of your target customers will help you answer such questions and thus communicate a targeted brand message to them.

Why do you need buyer persona?

In a research done by Forrester, it was found that using buyer personas in an email campaign yielded 2X the open rate and 5X the click through rate. Another study showed that using buyer persona makes websites 2-5 times more effective and easier to use by targeted users. Isn't this a good enough reason to build a buyer persona of your online customers?

Know your customers

By now you must have accepted the fact that your online target audience has moved beyond the SEC A/Female/25-40 years age group to a detail oriented buyer persona. Apart from demographic information of your customers, you also need to understand the psychographic factors such as their interests, lifestyle, opinions, values, attitudes, and beliefs. And all of this put together constitute the buyer persona of your customers. Buyer personas form, in a way, the foundation of e-commerce businesses looking to establish their presence in the online space.

So how do I build a buyer persona of my customers?

Building buyer personas is a science which is ideally created by carrying out real surveys and interviews and involves plenty of research and analytics. Conduct multiple choice surveys of focus groups to gather insightful data about your customers.

You can utilise other methods as well:

  1. Listening on Social Media - Collect demographic information and study the interests, opinions and lifestyle of your customers on social media. Social listening tools can be of great help in conducting this research on social media.
  2. Analytics - How do they discover your website? What content do they read? How do they interact with your website? What is the conversion rate? These are some of the useful data analytics can assist you with.

Constructing the Persona

Give a hypothetical name to the person and pen down his/her behavior, lifestyle, interests beyond shopping, and values which you have gathered from the research.

Having a visual picture of your buyers will always help you have an emotional connect with them.

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