2015 - The Year of Videos (for B2B Marketing)

  • Feb 27, 2015

  • by Prarthana Varma

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2015 - The Year of Videos (for B2B Marketing)

In this 'always connected' digital era, the internet consumers are continuously bombarded with information and are glued to their smart devices and computers. With their diminished attention span and hunger for instant gratification, there is  no doubt that videos are the best online communication medium for storytelling. It drives more engagement than any other versions of content. Here are the most important video marketing trends in 2015 for B2B world-

Video as a Lead Generation Tool

Video can be a very powerful tool to generate valuable leads for your business. Research says that fifty percent of users watch business related videos on YouTube once in a week. And an introductory company email that includes a video receives an increased Click-Through-Rate by 96%.


In past few years we have seen a tremendous increase in video consumption on mobile. And half of all these views on YouTube originates from mobile devices. So there lies a great opportunity for mobile advertisers in videos.

Marketing Basics 

Videos appealing to specific audiences is always better than one video appealing to everyone. Therefore, you must choose your core audience first and then try to delight them with your video.

Optimising Videos for Search Engine

A testimonial video by a satisfied client posted on your website could greatly boost your rank in Google as videos come on the top in search engine results. As most of the times companies host their videos on YouTube, following are some of the important ranking factors which YouTube algorithm account for:

  • Title and description tag- Use of Keywords
  • Number of views
  • Length of the video viewed
  • Positive ratings and comments
  • Number of times the video is embedded on the web
  • Number of people subscribing after watching

Video Analytics

Measuring the impact of your videos on your viewers is always a valuable investment. By analysing the data about how your videos are performing, you can derive some good insights for your business which will help you devise new marketing strategies.

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