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Saurabh Kumar

May 15, 2010 / In Mobile Applications

A marketing enthusiast with an interest in tinkering with data and systems. 4+ years at ebookers followed by 8 years and counting at Envigo.

Is your roadmap mobile-friendly?

We believe that we live in a world which does a lot of things on the internet, and very soon, will be doing most of it, on mobile. Can you imagine the look you will get if you tell a business partner that you do not have email? Just a few years ago, it would not have raised eyebrows.

Customers are getting onto the mobile bus in droves. In the US, data usage of mobile phones has surpassed voice. In India, mobile operators are busy bidding for the 3G licenses. Apparently, they want to use the 3G bandwidth for 2G phones, because they are starved of spectrum.

In the not too distant future, a customer might expect video reviews of products streaming onto their location-aware mobile as they pass by a store. They would discuss it with their friends and family on their always on, 3G-enabled social network and then order it by dragging the video into their shopping cart. They would then pay for it using their phone provider's monthly billing cycle.

The applications used in the paragraph above exist and are in use today.

Are you ready?

Large organisations have product roadmaps which look ahead 1-3 years. Smaller organisations have a mix of look-ahead and what-next plans which take them from quarter to quarter or year to year. There are firms who are working on their "20092010 online marketing strategy" because that is what it essentially is – the same story in a new page template.

envigo is here to help. We have set our house in order and are now able to offer development services on mobiles – iPhones, Android, Samsung and Nokia!

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