iPhone Applications and their ROI

  • May 17, 2010

  • by Saurabh Kumar



iPhone Applications and their ROI

Every one who wants to make it big developing Iphone apps needs to know how much money the existing 200,000 applications are making. I came across a survey of 96 iphone developers and wanted to summarise the post here:

  • Average number of apps sold – 101,024
  • Price point – $0.99 (The average is higher at $5.49 because of a $49.99 outlier)
  • Average number of updates – 3.89
  • Average total development cost – $6,453 (but developers rarely included their own time spent in development, which would increase the costs a few times)

Even with a higher development cost, the app world is highly profitable. No wonder there are over 200,000 applications, but this field is set to grow further.

  • The market is top heavy, the top 10% apps would be getting the bulk of the revenue
  • Greatest contributor to sales – Being featured by Apple in some way, in place of sending out an app update

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